The improving economy makes recruiting and retaining high priorities

How can I gain an edge in the struggle for talent?

Offer more choices

Benefits are a key driver in recruitment and job satisfaction. If your offerings fail to meet employees’ health and financial demands, you risk losing top talent to organizations with more complete coverage options. You must provide a robust benefits package to stay ahead. But robust doesn’t have to mean expensive. With new consumer-centric technology, it’s more cost-effective than ever to put together a competitive mix of medical, ancillary and voluntary products that your workforce wants and needs.


Communicate total value

Your company may offer the world’s best benefits and total compensation packages, but if employees don’t understand them, they’re probably not getting the most out of them. Or worse, they may not appreciate them, which can increase the risk of turnover. With online, consumer-friendly marketplaces and integration between payer, payroll and benefits administration systems, information that was once delivered in impossibly dense spreadsheets can now be presented both dynamically and attractively. By revealing employees’ total compensation in a meaningful and consumable format, you can quickly boost your value in the eyes of your workforce.


Provide an engaging experience

Your employees shouldn’t dread enrollment or feel like it’s a hassle to keep up with their benefits information. With well-designed, user-friendly technology that incorporates consumer-centric shopping, multimedia communication and mobile access to manage and enroll in benefits, you can give employees an experience similar to that of modern online retail. Through a platform that is convenient and intuitive, employees are encouraged to interact with your benefits program, which allows them to derive more value—and more satisfaction.



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