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Welcome to InnovationPlace

InnovationPlace is our new startup partner program designed to enable the success of young, innovative companies delivering compelling solutions for the consumers shopping through BenefitsPlace.

BenefitsPlace offers convenient access to benefits that deliver peace of mind to consumers in the moments that matter. We’re proactively looking for the best, most innovative solutions to address those needs. InnovationPlace is our exciting new initiative designed to help us do just that. 

  • Are you an innovator with a strong founding team and significant funding already in place? 
  • Is your offering aligned with our mission to offer consumers peace of mind in their moments that matter and differentiated from other suppliers on BenefitsPlace today?  
  • Are you willing to develop some aspect of your offering exclusively for BenefitsPlace?
  • Would you benefit from coworking space at our campus in Charleston where you can learn and grow alongside Benefitfocus associates and other innovative companies in the program?
  • Do you want the opportunity to gain a dedicated digital distribution channel through BenefitsPlace?

If you answered yes to each of these questions, please submit your information and the InnovationPlace team will be in touch in due course.

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