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Benefitfocus OE Success Week: Empowering Our Associates to Empower Our Customers

Benefitfocus Senior Vice President of Customer Success Annmarie Fini shares her thoughts on our annual open enrollment planning conference as a powerful investment in our associates and, in turn, our customers.

Benefitfocus Blog Author - Whitney Cwirka Whitney Cwirka April 20, 2018
What We Learned at the 2018 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Here’s the recap of top takeaways from the 2018 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference around delivering a consumer-focused health care experience, while considering what may be on the horizon for health care policy.

Benefitfocus Blog Author - Whitney Cwirka Whitney Cwirka April 18, 2018
Where Are Voluntary Benefits Most Popular?

See how voluntary benefit offerings and participation differ among employers in each region of the U.S., based on data from Benefitfocus' 2018 State of Employee Benefits research.

Logan Butler April 11, 2018
The State of Employee Benefits 2018 - Regional Edition

Compare benefit plan offerings and participation trends by U.S. region, based on actual open enrollment data from the Benefitfocus Platform.

The State of Employee Benefits 2018

Get your free copy of the latest benefit enrollment research from Benefitfocus, featuring top trends in health plan offerings, design and participation. Learn more

The State of Employee Benefits 2017 - Regional Edition

Take a geographical look at key 2017 employee benefit trends, including HDHP participation, HSA contributions and voluntary benefit offerings. Learn more

Open Enrollment Success Kit

Here’s the simple secret to open enrollment success – communication. The OE Success Kit helps you manage communications and connect employees to their benefits on a personal level.

The Roadmap to Insight-Driven Benefits Management

Find out how effective your benefits management strategy is in this latest guide from Benefitfocus. Then, take the next steps towards an insight-backed approach. Learn more

Communication Strategies for a Successful Open Enrollment

Discover how you can close the communication gap and amplify your message before, during and after open enrollment. Learn more

Losing Control of Costs? Consumer Take the Wheel!

Will CDHPs work for you? Learn how you can cut healthcare costs without compromising coverage. Learn more

Regence Case Study

Discover how this leading health insurance company achieved ROI and improved data quality through automating enrollment file processing. Learn more

American Eagle Case Study

Learn how American Eagle Outfitters increased HDHP adoption by 28 percent by increasing transparency into their benefits program. Learn more

Facchina Case Study

Learn how Facchina turned a one-person benefits team into an army and increased capacity by 75 percent. Learn more

Voluntary Benefits: Expanding Consumer Access and Convenience

Hear how employers, brokers and insurance carriers are collectively adopting a consumer mindset to deliver a seamless benefits shopping experience. Learn more

Online Billing in the Insurance Industry: Why It’s Time to Opt In

Learn what it takes to make a seamless shift to online billing, increase adoption of paperless invoicing, and ultimately achieve higher levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn more

2018 Health Care Reform Outlook: ACA in the Clear?

See what's next for the Affordable Care Act - and its impact on employers - in this Benefitfocus webinar featuring health care policy expert Christopher Condeluci and benefits consultant Shan Fowler. Learn more

Definitive Guide to Enterprise Benefits Management Technology

Get your free guide to finding the best technology solution for your benefits strategy. Learn more

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