CareHere Case Study

Data tools to reduce cost and improve health care

CareHere Uses Benefitfocus Enrollment Software Case Study

CareHere specializes in providing quality, cost-effective, onsite health care through self-insured corporate employers. CareHere onsite clinics serve more than 93,000 employees and their dependents across more than 150 clinics nationwide.


  • Consolidate a wide range of health data sources and types under a single data integration and analysis solution.
  • Use health care data to demonstrate the savings and improved quality of care their customers achieve through implementing CareHere onsite clinics
  • Facilitate more informed decision-making about patient care
  • BENEFITFOCUS® Advanced Analytics (formerly Benefit Informatics) to increase transparency into their clients’ health care costs and utilization data.

Learn how CareHere leveraged health care data to provide their employer customers measurable savings in their health plans.

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