Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace through Employee Benefits

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More than half of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental health issue at some point in their life, yet over 70 percent of those people will never seek treatment. Whether due to persisting stigma, lack of support or both, ignoring mental health is incredibly costly, not just to the individual but to their employer, as well.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about the impact of poor mental health in the workplace and, more importantly, what employers can do to reduce the cost and support employees’ mental health needs. Misty Guinn, Director of Benefits and Wellness at Benefitfocus, will discuss why mental health is a crucial element of employers’ total well-being strategy and talent retention efforts. Joining her is Derrick Carpenter, Vice President, Digital Coaching Solutions at Happify Health, to provide expert insight into the advantages of digital solutions in helping employers thoughtfully address mental health issues in the workplace and foster a culture of well-being and resilience.

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About Happify

Happify Health, a leader in mental health technology and digital therapeutics, breaks down barriers to achieving better mental health by creating an engaging, stigma-free environment that allows individuals to access digital interventions with any device – at the place and time when it matters most. Its evidence-based activities, combined with its digital, gamification approach, helps users build skills and change health behaviors to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Happify Health uses scientific research from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness, and combines it with leading-edge technology to impact everyday lives. For more information go to

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