Financial Wellness: The Pinnacle of Workforce Prosperity

Employers lose $227 billion per year due to presenteeism.*

Benefitfocus Webinar: Financial Wellness: The Pinnacle of Workforce Prosperity

Rising cost of living, increased health care costs and the intense focus to be on track financially has many employees losing shut eye. They are looking to you for help, and your organization's bottom line is counting on you to minimize the impacts.

So what tools can you provide to help them be prosperous and productive both personally and on the job?

Watch this on-demand webinar to see what the face of wellness looks like now and what you can do to reach, retain and protect your greatest assets - your employees. You’ll learn more on modern wellness essentials, like: 

  • Top trends in the voluntary benefits landscape
  • Cost-effective benefit options to address the varied financial and wellness needs of your workforce
  • Strategies for determining the right mix of voluntary benefits for your employee base
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*Integrated Benefits Institute

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