Financial Wellness in the Workplace

How Employers Can Strike a Balance Between Employee Need & Solutions

Benefitfocus Webinar - Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Different employees have different needs, especially when it comes to financial wellness. Younger employees may be looking to manage student loan debt, while more established employees are trying to balance their retirement with college savings plans for their children. This financial balancing act results in stress on your employees, impacting their health and productivity. 

So, what are employers doing to steer their workforce in the right financial direction?

In this on-demand Benefitfocus webinar, Financial Wellness in the Workplace, you’ll learn how employers are finding the point where the employee journey meets the right balance of short and long-term financial wellness solutions. You’ll also get an inside look at a new solution that makes it easier to integrate more voluntary benefit options so employees can achieve a greater financial well-being.  

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