Uncovering Coverage Gaps in Your Benefits Program

How to address shifting health care costs with voluntary benefits

Free Webinar Recording - Uncovering Coverage Gaps in Your Benefits Program

With the growing adoption of HDHPs and increasing deductibles for traditional PPO plans, employees could face higher out-of-pocket costs for any surprise medical events. The good news? Voluntary benefits can fill the gap at little to no cost to you and your employees.

Only 36% of employers are offering voluntary benefits to fill the "deductible gap."

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how voluntary benefits can protect your employees from unnecessary financial distress while strengthening your value proposition as an employer.

You’ll gain insight into:

  • Voluntary benefits trends including benchmarks based on your industry and employee size
  • Benefits plan design changes to minimize employee exposure to unanticipated medical expenses
  • Cost-efficient ways to offer additional income protection, wellness apps and more
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