Certified Carrier Program

When you set the standards for the industry, you open up more opportunity for everyone.


From enrollment to data exchange, support your entire benefits portfolio in one place.

Health Plans & Marketplace Sponsors

Expand your product portfolio while boosting operational efficiency.

Life & Ancillary Insurance Carriers

Reduce distribution costs and drive sales through smooth data exchange.

Health Insurance Data Exchange for Carriers
Meet the demand for robust benefit packages and watch your business grow.
  • Data Exchange at Scale
  • Benefitfocus iMax™ data file format is an industry-first in the ACORD standards library to simplify data exchange for more than 100 benefit types and a multitude of enrollment systems, providing unparalleled data automation and accuracy to drive operational efficiency and significant cost savings.
  • Increase Access, Higher Sales
  • We’ve built the standards for product configurations and data exchange connections, so life and ancillary carriers can sell across hundreds of marketplaces through efficient, scalable and accurate data exchange, while participating in an enhanced consumer shopping experience.