MarketPlace Insights

Today, everyone understands the value of data. But what your customers want is to understand their data. Give them the insights they want and be the solution they need.

Software that Helps you Understand your Company's Benefits Data
Every Insight They Require
Create Smarter Plans

With the ability to design around actual healthcare usage, benefit administrators can offer plans that are good for the employer and the employee.

Control Costs

Now employers can control costs not by cutting back, but by offering the right plans based on concrete, actionable insights.

Confidence in Choice

In today’s data-driven world, employers want smarter choices. Help them understand their benefits, and give them the confidence of data.

Offer the insight gained from data and become a powerful ally in a time of uncertainty.
  • Control without compromise
  • Predictive modeling using the Johns Hopkins ACG® System and HEDIS® gives employers the ability to identify gaps in care so they can forecast future risk and design plans accordingly.
  • Partner in peace of mind
  • Benefit selection can be a stressful time for consumers, but when you give them clear choices specific to their individual needs, you do more than offer options. You create a bond that will last for years.
Time-saving tools for their business—and yours.
  • Automated reporting
  • Their time is valuable, so help them make the most of it by automating plan utilization analysis, stop-loss reporting and other routine tasks.
  • The biggest picture
  • Integrate multiple employers, offices and regions to build a powerful database of priceless information, and rather than guess about the future, predict it.