Commoditization is now a reality in the consumer-driven benefits market

How can you create a customer experience that will separate your brand from the rest?

Offer the best data integrity

With the proliferation of third-party enrollment platforms and exchanges, disparate membership systems and multiple lines of business, data exchange alone can make or break your customers' experience - and your budget. Serve up a better customer experience across all markets with a single integrated solution that gives you the competitive advantage of efficient, scalable, accurate, and automated data exchange for your entire group business.

The level of complexity and customer expectations varies significantly across your customer base - from customers wanting to support enrollment via your web-based tools to customers wanting to send you proprietary and complex files formats from third parties. Regardless of how a customer wants to send you enrollment data, your solution needs to be automated to help ensure quality and accuracy.


Connect them to the right benefits

Employers want to provide their employees more choice. And as more employers shift more health care cost to their employees, voluntary benefits become an integral part of a comprehensive benefits strategy. It’s your job to provide the access and guidance they need to make smart decisions that are cost effective and provide the consumer with adequate coverage that drive brand satisfaction and loyalty.


Consider the entire customer journey

Customer loyalty is invaluable, and turning your customers into advocates is the best sustainable revenue source out there. Your job is to bring simplicity and value together throughout the customer journey. From enrollment and renewals to life events and billing, show your customers you care every chance you get.