Commoditization is now a reality in the consumer-driven benefits market

How can you create a customer experience that will separate your brand from the rest?

Tailor your solution

You’re facing increased competition from a growing private insurance exchange market that offers employers and consumers viable alternatives to purchase health benefits. The level of complexity and customer expectations varies significantly across your customer base. You have to scale your private exchange so the experience is tailored to meet a wide range of customer needs and expectations. 


Connect them to the right benefits

Whether they’re purchasing employer-sponsored coverage or individual coverage, consumers are looking for more choices. More importantly, they’re looking to understand which is the right choice to address their needs. It’s your job to provide the guidance they need to make smart decisions that are cost effective for them and their families.


Consider the entire customer journey

Customer loyalty is invaluable, and turning your customers into advocates is the best sustainable revenue source out there. Your job is to bring simplicity and value together throughout the customer journey. From enrollment and renewals to life events and billing, show your customers you care every chance you get. 



In this webinar, Benefitfocus product professionals share strategies for designing a private exchange marketplace that can help you boost enrollment and retention in the individual market.