Are your invoices costing you money—or making you money? 

Save Money, Save Time, Reduce Errors with eBilling
The Advantage of Efficiency
Lower Costs

You are currently spending thousands of dollars every month printing and mailing paper bills. Why?

Get Paid Faster

There is a reason it’s called snail mail. With Benefitfocus eBilling™, customers receive their bills instantly, and you receive payment in seconds—not days. 

Reduce Errors

Synchronize enrollment and billing data to give customers up-to-date invoices they can adjust in real time. 

Reduce Late Payments by Offering Payments Online
Your services may be complex, but your invoices don’t have to be. Give customers a bill they’ll understand and turn the payment process into an upsell opportunity.
  • All-in-one
  • Your customers are buying multiple products—medical, dental, life and other benefits—but that doesn’t mean they want a bill for each. Give them a consolidated invoice so they can stay organized easier.
  • Mobile payments
  • Your customers are mobile, so why aren’t your bills? Let them easily view and pay their bills on time from any device. eBilling aligns with your mobile strategy, whether it’s responsive web design or native app interaction.
  • Targeted promotion
  • When you combine custom video with eBilling, your invoices become an upsell opportunity. You can promote voluntary offerings or educate customers on their current selection to ensure satisfaction and continued patronage.