Benefitfocus MarketPlace

Manage your entire group business on a single platform.

Benefits Administration & Enrollment Platform
Single Platform Advantage
More Choice

Separate yourself from the competition with access to the widest variety of benefits on the market with the scalable data integration necessary to create an offering for groups of all sizes.

Improved Quality

Gain the power to provide what third-party technology providers cannot - more choice plus superior data quality and integrity that won't jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Better Experience

Take the confusion out of the enrollment process and empower consumers to choose the right benefits for their individual needs.

Benefits Enrollment Workflow - Helping Members Choose Their Benefits
Automate enrollment and administration for groups of all sizes with a scalable marketplace that helps you grow your business - and shrink your operating expenses.
  • Reduce administrative burden for you and your customers
  • Through automation, you can make even the most complicated tasks seem easy - whether it's an employer with complex eligibility rules or a broker managing a large book of business.
  • Guide better benefit decisions
  • Educational videos, plan comparison tools and content libraries create a consumer-friendly enrollment experience, so you can help employers and their employees avoid over-spending on health care.
  • Reliable data processing
  • Take in data from multiple systems without slowing down the process or eroding your margins, while giving brokers and employers the tools to make the process as seamless as possible.
Reduce Healthcare Spend by 25% with Automated Benefits Administration
Seamless, automated data exchange from end to end.
  • Goodbye, wasted time
  • Stop spending hours formatting data. Benefitfocus MarketPlace automates the exchange of enrollment data between you and the employer for your commercial group business. Gone are the days of managing separate enrollment systems and operational processes by line of business.
  • Hello, efficiency
  • Operational efficiency can save you millions, and with a system designed for maximum productivity, you’ll be free to explore new revenue possibilities.