Employers want to do more for less. Give them the ability to automate enrollment and cut costs—and become the brand they love and trust for years to come.

Automate Enrollment While Cutting Costs
What’s In It For…?

The ability to cut costs with smarter plans and boost retention through increased visibility of benefit value.


Offer employers the most advanced enrollment experience on the market and expand your group business effortlessly.


The comfort of knowing they chose the right benefits for their individual needs and family needs.

Provide the Tools to Manage ACA Compliance
You know the penalties are coming, so where do you think employers will find the tools to manage ACA compliance? You could be the answer.
  • What Cadillac Tax?
  • Help employers design smarter plans and then guide employees to make the right choice through decision support tools.
  • Lower administration burden
  • For most employers, the bulk of their spending comes from personnel. With compliance automation, time management becomes money in their pockets.
Reduce Healthcare Spend by 25% with Automated Benefits Administration
Seamless, automated data exchange from end to end.
  • Goodbye, wasted time
  • Stop spending hours formatting data. Benefitfocus eEnrollment™ automates the exchange of enrollment data between employer web portals, payroll, HR, banks, third-party administrators and more.
  • Hello, efficiency
  • Operational efficiency can save you millions, and with a system designed for maximum productivity, you’ll be free to explore new revenue possibilities.