Your data is your livelihood, so why are you still manually formatting sensitive healthcare files?

Consolidate Multiple Data Formats into a Single Format
The Process of Success

Our proprietary standardization protocols get the right data to the right place on time, every time.


Automation features allow for hands-off data formatting and transmission, resulting in reduced operating costs and lower administrative burden.


Our fast, secure, single inbound Electronic Data Interface (EDI) provides unparalleled data integrity.

eExchange Processes over 2 million Claims per day
Don’t trust just anyone with your data. Trust a company that has spent 15 years earning it.
  • Any file, anywhere
  • Translate data from any group into any file format, including 843-5010, ANSII, IMAX or proprietary.
  • Service to match
  • From implementation to support, we handle the heavy lifting so your team never misses a beat.