MarketPlace Quote

Enable brokers to accelerate group sales and boost retention through smarter product recommendations.

Benefitfocus broker quote
Intuitive tools your brokers will love

Minimize the steps needed for a broker to generate quotes, process renewals and onboard groups into your membership system.


Accelerate sales and renewal activities with configurable, helpful reminders to keep brokers on track.


Provide real-time visibility into renewal timelines and prospect activity, allowing brokers to manage sales more efficiently for all market segments.

99% First Pass -- $150million investment
Marketplace Quote integrates the most powerful quoting and rating algorithms with enrollment and billing to create the industry's first end-to-end platform
  • Medical Carriers
  • Equip brokers to accelerate sales, automate administration and simplify enrollment.
  • Brokers
  • Unique design and tool set to enhance efficiency, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Employers
  • Support for a variety of funding options, employer contributions and tier structures for any group size.
  • Members
  • User-friendly member experience including products to protect their health, wealth & lifestyle.