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You hired your sales team to close deals, so why are they spending half their time on administrative tasks?

Provide Your Sales Team More Time for Sales & Not Administrative Tasks
The Fast Track for Growth
Prospect Management

Have a complete picture of where each prospect is in the sales cycle and gain the insight needed to move the process along smoothly and efficiently.

Intuitive Workflow

Unclutter the buying processes for agents and underwriters with smart workflows so you close more deals faster.

Automated Administration

Automatic email notifications and simple reporting features take care of the work that doesn't increase sales so you can focus on what does.  

Provide More Data to Your Sales Team
Customer insight is the key to converting a prospect into a client. So give your sales team the data they need to excel.
  • Know where they are to know what they need  
  • Track and report where each member is in the sales cycle so your sales team can tailor communication to best meet their needs.
  • Eliminate decision fatigue
  • Help your sales team as well as brokers search for and identify the best plans for each customer’s needs, and make choosing the right plan easy.