MarketPlace Quoting

Accelerate group acquisition and boost retention through an optimized sales process and automated enrollment.

Provide Your Sales Team More Time for Sales & Not Administrative Tasks
The Fast Track for Growth
Improve Data Accuracy

Integrate quoting with enrollment for increased speed and data quality.

Enhance Broker Engagement

Create a more intuitive process for quoting, proposal generation and plan selection.

Lower Your Costs

Deliver a seamless, end-to-end benefits experience that ultimately reduces costs.

99% First Pass -- $150million investment
Marketplace Quoting leverages the health insurance industry's most powerful quoting and rating algorithms within one platform to create wins for all key stakeholders.
  • Health Insurance Carriers
  • With one platform to support quote-to-card, you can enable agents to accelerate sales, automate administration and simplify enrollment.
  • Brokers
  • Provide brokers a real-time view of their entire book of business for IFP and SG within one dashboard.
  • Employers
  • Offer affordable self-service enrollment and year-round administration solutions for groups of all sizes.
  • Members
  • Create a simpler, more user-friendly member experience that inspires confidence and ultimately improves retention.