The individual market is expected to grow from 6 million to 75 million by 2020
How will you better engage this growing population of consumers and boost your market share?

A significant number of Americans seeking individual coverage will be purchasing health plans for the first time, and many will be eligible for subsidized coverage through They will be looking for the right guidance, and you could be their solution to finding the benefits that fit their needs and their budget. First you need to integrate with the right systems, including the federal exchange.


Brand Experience

Each interaction you have with the customer is critical for retention. From quoting and enrollment to monthly billing and renewals, you want your brand to be associated with a simple and accurate benefits experience. 


Data Insight

You’re probably sitting on a gold mine of data across all of the disparate systems used to manage your member population. Aggregating this data into one system can help you gain insight into how you can better engage and serve consumers across all demographics and markets.   



In this webinar, Benefitfocus product professionals share strategies for designing a private exchange marketplace that can help you boost enrollment and retention in the individual market.