Large Employer Marketplace

Give employers a private exchange to simplify benefits, manage compliance and cut costs without cutting back, and become their ally in business.

Benefits Private Exchange Platform
The Advantage of More
More Choice

Integrate with the public exchange and voluntary benefit providers. Then separate from the competition by offering the largest number of benefits on the market.

More Savings

Employers can direct their workforce to smart buying decisions with our Guided Shopping recommendation engine.

More Happy

With engagement tools for admins and a consumer-friendly marketplace experience for employees, Benefitfocus is a solution everyone will love.

User Friendly Benefits Platform
Employers are fighting for top talent. Help them boost employee satisfaction with the most enjoyable benefits shopping experience on the market.
  • Higher visibility
  • Plan comparison tools and cost estimators give employees the insight they need to understand their benefits and make smart choices—and happy employees equal happy employers.
  • Tailored workflow
  • Create a more meaningful, individual experience with recommendations based on consumer profile and eligibility status, and direct employees to the best plans for their needs.
Keep Employees Engaged with their Benefits Platform
Combine the Benefitstore with your BENEFITFOCUS® Large Employer Marketplace and be their only stop for all benefits.
  • Larger funnel
  • Include our giant selection of voluntary benefits in your Benefitfocus Marketplace and make every customer your customer.
  • Market position
  • Increase your sales volume and separate from the competition. Offer more, sell more—simple as that.
  • Brand perception
  • In a time filled with uncertainty and disruption, project the confidence of growth by giving your members more opportunities to protect what they love most.
  • Holistic coverage
  • From disability and critical illness insurance to auto and home, give your members the opportunity to rest easy knowing every aspect of their life is covered.