MarketPlace Exchange

Your data is your livelihood, so why are you still manually formatting sensitive health care files?

Consolidate Multiple Data Formats into a Single Format
The Process of Success

Our proprietary standardization protocols get the right data to the right place on time, every time.


Automation features allow for hands-off data formatting and transmission. Result? Higher data quality with lower operating costs and administrative burden.


Our fast, secure, single inbound Electronic Data Interface (EDI) provides unparalleled data integrity.

Don’t trust just anyone with your data. Trust the company that sets the industry standard.
  • Any file, anywhere
  • Translate data from any group into any file format, including ANSII 834-5010, IMAX and proprietary.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Timely and accurate enrollment processing helps ensure exceptional customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Service to match
  • From implementation to support and renewals, we handle all the heavy lifting, so your team never misses a beat and you can focus your precious resources elsewhere.