Millennials are taking over the workforce

How do you plan to meet the expectations of this generation?

Design with data

Personalization is highly valued by this younger generation. Online membership portals and retail sites greet visitors by name and tailor the experience based on the visitor’s profile and behavior. Get to know your members and use their data to personalize the customer journey.


Offer simple, convenient access

The Internet has shaped the way millennials make purchasing decisions. Social networks, educational videos, consumer reviews—millennials expect to have access to the information they need, when they need it. Empower informed decision-making so your customers are satisfied with their purchase. After all, you can’t return an insurance policy.


Show empathy for their well-being

Millennials making up the largest proportion of the U.S. labor force today and it is expected they will be half of the workforce by 2020. However, only 44% of millennials who were eligible for employer coverage took it in 2015.* Provide the tools millennials are accustom to - videos, price comparison, and a personalized, informed shopping experience - and help build your brand loyalty.



Learn how consumerism is transforming the benefits landscape. This panelist discussion, which includes industry experts from Forrester Research, Inc., Inflexion Advisors, PlainsCapital Corporation and Benefitfocus, offers insight into this important trend in benefits.