One Place 2016 Announcements

Today’s benefits landscape is in a state of constant evolution thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the rise of health care consumerism and generational shifts in the workforce. It’s a time of unprecedented change that requires a shift from the traditional task-focused administration of ERP systems to an insight-driven benefits management strategy that enables personalized employee communication and smarter planning. BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace is an enterprise benefits management platform that provides employers with the scale and the flexibility to support today’s fast-moving regulatory demands, organizational goals and the personalization employees have come to expect.

And as the industry evolves, so does our platform. Here are a few of the latest advancements we’ve made to help you turn your benefits investment into a strategic advantage.

New for 2016

Core Platform Updates

Expanded Value Products


Core Platform Updates

In a time of rising health care costs and an increasingly competitive job market, employee communication and engagement are paramount. BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace is adding new enhancements in 2016 that provide administrators with a toolset to automate time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on what’s important—giving employees the information to choose the benefits that best fit their individual needs.

Mobile Enrollment

The convenience and personalization that mobile devices provide consumers is now available for enrolling in benefits with the all-new Benefitfocus Marketplace consumer role—now available through the BENEFITFOCUS® App.

Employees can enjoy the same simple, personalized enrollment experience of Benefitfocus Marketplace on their smartphone or tablet through the Benefitfocus App or a mobile web browser. The fully responsive mobile experience adds modern simplicity without sacrificing the rich decision support content and convenient access employees have come to expect.

Key Features
  • Complete benefit elections and life event changes directly through the app
  • Personalized welcome and suggested actions, based on time of year, enrollment status, life event, etc.
  • Access HSA contribution tracker with the option to maximize contribution in a single touch
  • Add/remove dependents as part of a simple workflow
  • Upload documentation required to verify dependent eligibility and qualified life events
  • Provide secure and easy fingerprint scan access

Request a demo to see how the mobile-optimized Benefitfocus Marketplace can help you give your employees a benefits experience that fits their on-the-go lifestyle.

Mobile enrollment will be rolled out to all Benefitfocus Marketplace customers starting with the 2016 Autumn Software Release.

New Content Manager

Built into the benefits administrator role of the Benefitfocus Marketplace, the redesigned content manager provides a single tool for administrators to manage all of their employee communication efforts during open enrollment and throughout the year. By leveraging the information that’s already on the platform, the content manager enables administrators to design a truly personalized experience to engage employees with relevant content that helps them gain a better understanding of the value of their benefits.  

Key Benefits
  • Tailor and publish content to target specific employee segments based on status, location, tenure and more
  • Access, upload and organize content by various types through an intuitive dashboard
  • Populate predefined templates with personalized content including videos from the media library
  • Create and edit custom pages within Benefitfocus Marketplace
  • Preview content as the employee prior to publishing

Request a demo to see how the all-new Benefitfocus Marketplace content manager can help provide your employees with more meaningful benefits information without draining administrative resources.

The content manager is a multi-year investment to enhance the benefits administrator role within the Benefitfocus Marketplace. Enhancements will be made available as part of an Early Adopter Program in the 2016 Winter Software Release.

Expanded Value Products

On top of managing the complexities of enrollment and regulatory demands, benefits administrators are now expected to contribute more to the core business strategy. Benefitfocus continues to expand its portfolio of products and services to help employers achieve a greater return on their benefits investment. These products and services simplify compliance and provide employers the insight to align their benefits strategy with organizational goals while addressing the diverse needs of their workforce.

ACA Management and Reporting

Benefitfocus Marketplace guides employers through a simple workflow to fulfill ACA reporting requirements. The new BENEFITFOCUS® ACA Management and Reporting solution enables administrators to manage and organize data needed to create and deliver Form 1094-C and Form 1095-C to the IRS and their employees. Built-in rules and validations help administrators ensure forms are completed with the right information and in the required format for IRS reporting transmission.

Key Features
  • Generate Form 1094-C and Form 1095-C
  • Transmit forms in accordance with IRS guidelines
  • Manage individual data for Form 1095-C, including dependents
  • Collect consent from employees to receive Form 1095-C electronically
  • Support for multiple Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs)

ACA Management and Reporting solution is now generally available to all Benefitfocus Marketplace customers. Contact to learn more.

Direct Billing

When employees take a leave of absence, manually collecting benefits payments can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. BENEFITFOCUS® Direct Billing provides a solution that automates administrative billing processes and offers employees a convenient online payment option during leaves of absence, so employers receive payments on time and employees remain covered during the times they depend on their benefits the most.

Key Features
  • Automated leave management
  • Retroactive billing adjustments

  • Recurring and one-time payment options via credit card, check or bank account payment for employees
  • Recurring employee invoice notifications

Request a demo today to learn how Benefitfocus can help you simplify administration and reduce your risk of costly errors.

Direct Billing will be generally available to Benefitfocus Marketplace customers starting with the 2016 Autumn Software Release.

Core Analytics Dashboard

Featuring integrated medical and pharmacy claims and member demographic data, BENEFITFOCUS® Core Analytics provides benefits professionals with on-demand metrics they need to strategically manage their employee health plans. Through a highly consumable data dashboard, users can easily monitor key plan performance indicators to help identify cost drivers and evaluate more effective benefits strategies.

With powerful new filtering and reporting options that allow for flexible date ranges and analysis of specific data segments, benefits professionals gain even greater understanding into precisely how employees are using their health plans, enabling more proactive planning and management.

Key Features
  • Detailed views of metrics with automatically populated insights on cost drivers and projections
  • New cost per capita metric
  • Filtering options by benefit type, location and relationship
  • Absenteeism projections based on population health
  • Presentation-ready report packages available via web link or PDF download

Request a demo to learn how Core Analytics can help you drive smarter decision making.

The enhanced reporting and multi-level filtering will be rolled out to all customers using Core Analytics with the 2016 Autumn Software Release.

Benefitfocus University Online

BENEFITFOCUS® University is rolling out a Certified Benefits Administrator online training program exclusively designed to help our customers successfully use our software to its fullest potential. The online training program will provide benefits administrators with on-demand video tutorials that give step-by-step instructions on how to leverage the full Benefitfocus Marketplace toolset. As part of the certification, benefits administrators will receive a digital badge to showcase their knowledge and enhance their résumé on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Current Benefitfocus Marketplace customers can enroll today through One Place 365.


Benefitfocus continues to expand the BENEFITFOCUS® Ecosystem, extending employers’ ability to customize and complement their Benefitfocus Marketplace with a wide selection of products and services from industry leaders. Benefitfocus Ecosystem solutions interface with the Benefitfocus Marketplace to streamline data flows, helping to ensure a seamless experience for employees and administrators.

The newest additions to the Benefitfocus Ecosystem include:


Request a demo to see the Benefitfocus Ecosystem in action and learn how we can help you build an optimized end-to-end solution to unify your business.