One Place 2017 Announcements

One Place reinforces our mission of helping employers, carriers, brokers and consultants improve the health and financial well-being of everyone, everywhere. As organizations continue to balance an increasingly complex matrix of benefits, cost constraints and evolving regulatory requirements—all while attracting and retaining a competitive and talented workforce—the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform remains several steps ahead.

Together, with input from our customer community, we continue to invest significant resources in R&D that bring you the next generation Enterprise Benefits Management Platform at system performance that’s raising the bar in benefits management. More importantly, it’s the driving force behind anticipating and simplifying the enormous complexity we’re going to see over the next several years and the impetus for the following new product developments.

For Employers & Carriers

Business Intelligence

Purpose built by benefit experts and powered by an enterprise-grade reporting framework, BENEFITFOCUS® Business Intelligence organizes disparate data sources to provide employers the insight they need to improve plan design, reduce plan costs and improve workforce performance.

Benefitfocus Business Intelligence combines a suite of industry-leading solutions and software-enabled services to give employers the power to transform benefits from a managed cost to a strategic asset – all from a single platform.

  • Advanced Reporting – Turn the knowledge of your data and business processes into custom reports. Create ad-hoc reports from scratch or begin with a set of pre-defined templates.*
  • Core & Advanced Analytics – With integrated claims data, shopping tools, dashboards and metrics, you gain insight at every level to help you and your employees make better benefit decisions.
  • Benchmarking and Insights – Get the guidance you need to know your benefits strategy is on the right path with specialized services that give you industry-specific and company-specific metrics along with recommendations to improve and manage plan performance.

Request a demo to see how Benefitfocus Business Intelligence can give you the power to transform your data into dollar-saving benefit decisions.

* Available Summer 2017

For Employers

Content Management Services

A successful communication strategy is key to helping employees stay happy, healthy and engaged. That’s why we’re offering Content Management Services – a team of specialists in communication, design and benefits to help administrators optimize the employee experience within Benefitfocus Marketplace.

After taking time to understand your benefits strategy and communication goals, we’ll create an experience designed to draw employees in and help them gain a better understanding of their benefits. Then, we follow up each quarter to refresh your content and help you introduce new programs. The result? A single source your employees will come to rely on to learn more about their benefits. 

Schedule your consultation today to learn more about how you can provide your employees with personalized benefits information without draining administrative resources. Contact

For Employers & Carriers

A Consumer-centric Approach to Health Savings Accounts

The continued growth of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) has made health savings accounts (HSAs) a vital part of protecting employee health and financial well-being. But these accounts also have added greater complexity to benefit programs, in both employer administration and employee education.

Benefitfocus’ all-new Health Savings Account (HSA) experience provides increased flexibility to support a complex web of business rules and payroll calendars. More importantly, the consumer-centric design provides new ways for employers to provide engaging decision support on these increasingly important accounts.

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For Employers

Consolidated Billing & Payment

As employers add more variety to their benefit packages, monthly billing reconciliation and payment processes become more complex and time-consuming. BENEFITFOCUS® Consolidated Billing and Payment simplifies the monthly billing process by creating a single invoice that shows you a total amount for the benefits you manage through Benefitfocus Marketplace. Once you approve your final invoice, Benefitfocus remits the payments on your behalf.

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For Employers

Benefits Service Center Expanded Support

The Benefits Service Center provides access to dedicated Benefitfocus associates who help take the administrative burden off your internal resources and deliver consistent, accurate information to your employees. In 2017, we’ve expanded services available through the Benefits Service Center to help HR and benefits leaders enhance employee support and shift more of their focus to strategic initiatives.

  • Dependent Eligibility Audits– Leverage your eligibility rules and employee data that are already configured in the Benefitfocus Marketplace to save time and resources when you conduct eligibility audits.
  • Benefits Confirmation Statement – Give employees peace of mind knowing their family is covered with personalized, printed statements after completing open enrollment.
  • Extended Hours Support – Provide employees with access to benefits support when they need it most – whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening.

Expand your team’s capacity through the Benefits Service Center, and start saving your time – and money. Contact today.

For Employers & Carriers

Setting the Industry Standard

Voluntary benefits have become a core component of a well-designed, comprehensive benefits package for groups of all sizes. Third-party enrollment systems make it easier for employers to offer these benefits, but data exchange and file formatting becomes a challenge for carriers attempting to take in the data.

The BENEFITFOCUS® Certified Carrier Program eases the burden and opens an additional sales channel for life and ancillary carriers to build and implement their products for employers on the Benefitfocus Platform.

Through the adoption of the new ACORD Employee Benefits Standard, donated by Benefitfocus to ACORD, this industry-first standard protocol simplifies data exchange for more than 100 benefit types and a multitude of enrollment systems. Employers who elect to offer benefits from our portfolio of Certified Carrier Partners can achieve greater efficiency in implementations and renewals while also experiencing higher data quality when transmitting their enrollment data to their benefit partners.

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For Carriers & Employers

Flexible Enrollment Solutions

During open enrollment, near renewals and during mergers or acquisitions, large volumes of transactions often occur across various systems. Benefitfocus eEnrollment™ and Benefitfocus Marketplace now include a file-based enrollment feature that enables carrier users, brokers and group administrators to upload enrollment and employee demographics information in seconds from these disparate systems, eliminating hours of time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. This provides carriers, brokers, and group administrators with a single source for managing all their enrollment data.

Give your customers the flexibility they need to more efficiently manage the enrollment process. Contact to request a demo today.

For Carriers

A Single Billing Platform for All Markets

Benefitfocus eBilling™ provides insurance carriers a single premium payment solution to support all lines of business across all market segments. With a brand-new, mobile-friendly design, eBilling simplifies the user experience based on the specific audience – whether it’s an invoice for a consumer, fully-insured group or self-insured employer that needs to see claims and ASO fees. And when eBilling is used alongside eEnrollment, group administrators enjoy a consistent user experience with a familiar look and feel that makes the enrollment and billing one, cohesive, intuitive experience.

Bring efficiency to your billing and payment process with eBilling. Contact to request a demo today.

For Carriers

Data Exchange Transparency

Benefitfocus eExchange™ enables carriers to provide superior service and data quality to groups that use third-party enrollment platforms to transfer data to the carrier. The all-new eExchange dashboard enhances that service by giving you unprecedented visibility into the data exchange process, enabling you to monitor timelines and accuracy of the files you receive from:

  • Employer groups
  • and other government provided insurance channels
  • Broker enrollment systems
  • Third party private exchanges and enrollment platforms
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

The eExchange dashboard is a part of the data dashboard that is available today to carriers through One Place 365.

Manage client data accurately and efficiently through eExchange. Contact to request a demo today.