5th Annual Celebrate Community Awards

The Celebrate Community Awards recognize Benefitfocus customers and partners that have realized amazing results by working with Benefitfocus to transform the benefits experience for their employees and consumers.

Nominations are now open through January 10th, 2020 for our Celebrate Community Awards. We look forward to celebrating our winners at One Place 2020!

Our Categories

Outstanding Communication Award
  • Recognizes customers and partners who utilize the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace to promote personalized communication tools to drive benefits education, corporate awareness and employee engagement.
Innovation in Benefits Award
  • With today’s workforce spanning five generations, employers are challenged to address the unique needs and preferences of their employees more than ever before, while employees and consumers desire benefits customized for their personal
    needs. The Innovation in Benefits award recognizes employers, their advisors and insurance carriers who work together to protect the health, wealth and lifestyle of today’s consumers through innovative benefits offerings and plan design.
Benefitfocus Community Leadership Award
  • Recognizes exceptional leadership for Benefitfocus community members who take initiative to share their industry knowledge and experience to support advancement of the overall community.
Technology Excellence Award
  • Recognizes organizations that create or implement products and services to reduce administrative costs, establish efficiencies and implement strategies to achieve important corporate goals.
Giving Is Good Award
  • Celebrates organizations that promote charitable and volunteer programs to engage their workforce and make a difference in their community.
Employee Well-Being Award
  • Recognizes customers and partners who initiate corporate programs to promote employee wellness through learning opportunities, health work environments, unique policies and more.
Commitment to World-Class Data
  • Recognizes Community members who are committed to transforming the benefits industry‘s data standard by partnering with Benefitfocus to drive data accuracy, timeliness and visibility and increasing our collective ability to make data-driven decisions

2019 Winners Gallery

American Eagle Outfitters

Cambia Health Solutions


Consociate Health

DSW Inc.



All Winners

Innovation in Benefits
  • awards innovation american eagle

    According to Benefits Manager Anthony Jarusinski, American Eagle Outfitter (AEO)’s goal is to empower its associates, to make the right health choices. In 2018 AEO launched its well-being program, AEO Healthy Eagle. Prior to its launching, AEO didn’t have a formal well-being program in place for 4+ years. Healthy Eagle engages associates with lifestyle management programs such as smoking cessation, weight and stress management and financial wellness, along with onsite and telephonic coaching. It includes activities and challenges for associates and their spouses, and associates earn rewards for participation. AEO even offered the chance for five associates to participate in the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 5k as its grand-prize for engaged participants. AEO exceeded its goal of 20% engagement in its first year with 40% participation.

Employee Wellbeing
  • awards wellbeing cambia health

    Dedicated to health care transformation, Cambia makes wellness an integral part of its workplace culture. The WellPower program encourages employees to focus on everyday habits that shape overall well-being and productivity. Investments in on-site fitness centers, subsidized healthy dining options and team-based challenges empower employees to make positive lifestyle changes. In addition, a key component of the program is the accessibility of activities to Cambia’s remote workforce. Programs like Meditative Moments, which targets work stress, and Biometric Bucks, which offers rewards for improving biometric measures, engage all employees. A five-year study of the program identified an ROI of $9.2M; however, Cambia believes the true ROI is the transformation of its employees into health advocates.

Giving Is Good
  • awards giving is good carefirst

    CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield’s community giving strategy funds innovative programs that improve health care delivery systems, address health care disparities and improve the overall, long-term health of communities in its mid-Atlantic service region. In 2018, CareFirst contributed $38M to 342 nonprofit health organizations and public health care access programs, including $2.1M to 11 organizations to combat substance use disorders and $140K to A-SPAN to provide medical respite care for homeless clients in N. Virginia. In 2018 CareFirst also announced a two-year, $2M request for proposals, offering grants to programs seeking to improve birth outcomes and maternal health and lower infant mortality rates. Additionally, CareFirst employees spent 23K+ hours volunteering in their communities in 2018.

Commitment to World-Class Data
  • awards world class data consociate health

    Through data analytics, Consociate, a TPA, provides its clients with personalized analysis of their plans to ensure they have quality data and are using that data to make educated decisions. According to Director of Client Relations Sarah Bigger, “We pay claims, and we pay them accurately, but it’s what we do with the claims data that sets [us] apart.” Consociate provides its clients with: (1) Data accuracy by validating clients’ pharmacy payments against the Rx data within Benefitfocus Advanced Analytics, (2) Visibility if data is not accurate, enabled by the ability to quickly find discrepancies between two data sources, (3) Data-driven decisions, based on facts and not assumptions, and (4) Validation of those decisions using Advanced Analytics to track target populations and measure program effectiveness.

Outstanding Communication
  • awards outstanding comm dsw

    DSW’s benefits communication strategy centers around making information easily accessible, clear, actionable, relevant and available through multiple mediums. DSW believes the easiest way to help associates understand their benefits is by talking to them, but personally reaching everyone is a challenge. It partnered with Benefitfocus to create custom videos, which are embedded in the enrollment experience and emailed to new associates. To increase engagement with their benefits, DSW sends actionable messages to associates relevant to where they are in the enrollment experience. Texting is also used for on-going, targeted messaging around available services such as Teladoc. As a result of its comprehensive communication, 75%+ of associates took action during DSW’s last three years of passive enrollment.

Benefitfocus Community Leadership
  • awards community leadership immunogen

    ImmunoGen was founded in 1980 with the vision of creating more effective, better tolerated anti-cancer therapies. With its commitment to health care and innovation, ImmunoGen has become a leader in the Benefitfocus Community. It actively participates in the Heartbeat Program, providing insight and recommendations to help other benefits professionals make decisions regarding products, services and strategies. Shelly Adler, Associate Director of Benefits was a featured speaker at joint-partner SAP’s SuccessConnect conference in 2018, presenting a session on leveraging technology to drive a consumer-focused benefits strategy. In addition to sharing her expertise with the benefits community, Shelly and the ImmunoGen Benefits Team act as true experts and advocates for their associates.

Technology Excellence
  • awards technology vizio

    A leading developer of consumer electronics, including HDTVs and sound bars, VIZIO has a mission of “delivering high performance, smarter products with the latest innovations at a significant savings,” and this commitment to innovation extends to the technology it uses internally. VIZIO is the first Benefitfocus customer beta testing the HCM API (human capital management, application programming interface) that enables real-time integration between the Benefitfocus Platform and Ultimate Software. Instead of files, the HCM API automatically synchronize demographic information and deductions within seconds of employee hire or benefits enrollment, resulting in increased timeliness and accuracy of data. VIZIO’s partnership has been instrumental to the feature’s development and availability.

What they say about One Place:

"It's like the Apple event but for a benefits platform, which is pretty exciting...each year the memories build."
  • Anthony Jarusinki
  • Manager of Benefits
  • AEO
“We have attended the annual conference for three years and have gained additional insight into Benefitfocus’ strategic direction and how our business partnership is valued.” 
  • Gary Skarr
  • Benefits Manager at Rush University