March 26-28, 2019

Charleston, SC

Charleston Gaillard Center

3rd Annual Celebrate Community Awards

The Celebrate Community Awards recognize Benefitfocus customers and partners that have realized amazing results by working with Benefitfocus to transform the benefits experience for their employees and consumers.

“We have attended the annual conference for three years and have gained additional insight into Benefitfocus’ strategic direction and how our business partnership is valued.” 
Gary Skarr
Benefits Manager at Rush University

Congratulate 2018 Award Winners

Held at One Place 2018, our third annual Celebrate Community Awards recognized companies that harness the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform to transform the benefits experience. The Benefitfocus Community selected recipients for each of the seven award categories including: Benefitfocus Community Leadership, Commitment to World-Class Data, Design Innovation, Employee Well-Being, Giving Is Good, Outstanding Communication and Technology Excellence. Scroll through the descriptions below to learn more about the award recipients’ outstanding achievements!

Benefitfocus Community Leadership Award

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Recognizes exceptional leadership for Benefitfocus community members who take initiative to share their industry knowledge and experience to support advancement of the overall community.

Regions Insurance Group

With its 700+ employees and 30 offices across the Southeastern US, Regions Insurance is dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of its customers. It accomplishes this by immersing itself “in the policies, trends, risks and regulatory environments facing [its] clients,” and also through utilizing Benefitfocus Advanced Analytics to gain insight from their customers’ data and optimize their benefits programs. Regions’ employees, including Director of Health Management & Claims Informatics, Chris Davis, regularly share their industry knowledge at community events. Davis has spoken at the Nashville chapter of Financial Executives International, Regions’ Human Capital Forum and the Greater Memphis Employee Benefits Council and has eagerly shared with the Benefitfocus Community at One Place and through the Heartbeat Program.

Commitment to World-Class Data Award

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Recognizes Community members who are committed to transforming the benefits industry’s data standard by partnering with Benefitfocus to drive data accuracy, timeliness and visibility and increasing our collective ability to make data-driven decisions.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

Serving nearly one million South Carolinians, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina (BCBSSC) is the only insurance company in the state to offer health insurance products in every consumer segment: individuals and families, small and large employers, people with Medicare and families and children on Medicaid. BCBSSC showcased its commitment to these consumers and to world-class data in 2017 when it partnered with Benefitfocus to create a plan to drive data accuracy, timeliness and visibility. This plan included full review of all current file requirements and rule sets as well as deep-dives when transactions sent as not expected, with root cause analysis. And through these efforts, BCBSSC ensures its customers receive the care they need.

Design Innovation Award

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Recognizes customers and partners for creative site design that fosters corporate brand awareness and influences member participation, engagement and program adoption.

Schwan's Company

For Schwan’s Company, design innovation extends from benefits plan design to the design of the tools used to manage and communicate those benefits. In 2017, Schwan’s embarked on a journey to drastically change how its employees and their family members engage with benefits, which included rolling out Benefitfocus Marketplace and Benefits Service Center in May, an off-cycle disability enrollment in June, change in wellness vendor in October and annual enrollment in November. To prepare for the project, Schwan’s created a new “Menu for a Better You” theme to create brand recognition and utilized its new technology to reinforce the messaging. Preliminary results of the well-designed program include 65 percent of employees taking action during the disability enrollment, 85 percent of employees enrolled in a health plan and over 2,000 enrollments into new voluntary benefits as part of an active enrollment.

Employee Well-Being Award

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Recognizes customers and partners who initiate corporate programs to promote employee wellness through learning opportunities, healthy work environments, unique policies and more.

Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines' (SFL) motto is “providing quality without question,” and the quality it provides extends to its 8,300 associates. SFL demonstrates its commitment to their total quality of life through its Southeastern Strong wellbeing initiative, which includes four key components: Heart and Soul, Community, Financial Strength and Growth and Development. Each component features programs to support wellbeing, like Dave Ramsey's SmartDollar financial wellness program or its Southeastern Serves community service program. Further, SFL offers wellbeing activities that support improved health and result in premium reductions for its medical plan. SFL’s goal is to continue building on the program each year to address the continually evolving needs of its associates.

Giving is Good Award

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Celebrates organizations that promote charitable and volunteer programs to engage their workforce and make a difference in their community.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah, a subsidiary of Cambia Health Solutions, offers health and dental coverage to 528,000 members throughout the state, and it’s deeply committed to those members and their communities. In celebration of its centennial anniversary, Cambia declared August 2017 as the “Month of Giving.” The event was so successful that it was extended into September, and over a six-week period, Cambia employees volunteered 7,300+ hours and donated over $2.4 million. These efforts had a significant impact on the nearly 1,900 local organizations they supported, reflected in this comment from United Way, “You and your team created 586 soup kits, which will make 2,300 hot meals for families struggling with poverty in our community, thank you!”

Outstanding Communication Award

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Recognizes customers and partners who utilize the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace to promote personalized communication tools to drive benefits education, corporate awareness and employee engagement.


In the health care space, AutoZone is focused on two major things. First, the health and wellbeing of their employees and their families. Secondly, the programs and benefits being offered ensuring the best quality and value when care is necessary. The company has some unique challenges since 78% of their workforce is male and men are notorious for ignoring preventive care, and 50% of AutoZone’s enrolled population resides in the southeast which is a hot bed for cardiovascular disease. AutoZone uses the data available in Benefitfocus’ Advanced Analytics tool to learn more about population health trends and create programs that will impact awareness, health risk, cost, and most importantly drive behavior change leading to improved health and productivity over time. The company has to be very selective and strategic to ensure there are very timely and meaningful conversations to help the sick get better and keep the healthy well. The mission is to use the data to drive predictive analytics, programs, and communications to become not “Best in Class” but in a “Class of Their Own” when it comes to improved population health.

Technology Excellence Award

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Recognizes organizations that create or implement products and services to reduce administrative costs, establish efficiencies and implement strategies to achieve important corporate goals.

Blue Shield of California

Serving over 4 million members and nearly 65,000 physicians across the state, Blue Shield of California (BSC) is a nonprofit health plan “dedicated to providing Californians with access to high-quality health care at an affordable price,” and technology utilization is key to that. Since implementing Benefitfocus eExchange, BSC has been able to sunset their previous system, reducing costs, gaining efficiencies in processing and reporting and improving data quality. BSC’s feedback and partnership has even brought enhancements to eExchange, and that’s what technology excellence is all about for the BSC – continuous advancements in order to provide quality care at an affordable price.

Ultimate Software

According to Ultimate Software CTO Adam Rogers, “Running payroll may be the most important business process for every company. Ensuring that employees get paid accurately and on-time is an integral, core function.” However, payroll managers often spend much of their time on administrative tasks due to outdated software or inefficient processes. To answer this need, Ultimate Software developed UltiPro® Payroll, enabling HR leaders to easily process complex payroll computations, view reporting and analytics and offer employees instant access to their pay information. UltiPro® calculates 200,000 paychecks per hour, which equates to hundreds of calculations per second. This transition of payroll from administrative to strategic function improves operational efficiency, increases employee satisfaction and can lead to greater productivity company-wide.