CareHere Taps Benefitfocus for Health Data Analysis and Reporting Technology

Leading on-site clinic provider offers employers greater healthcare cost transparency

Charleston, S.C. - May 21, 2013 - Benefitfocus, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits software solutions, announced today that CareHere, LLC has implemented BENEFITFOCUS® Benefit Informatics, a cloud-based data analytics and reporting portal that allows CareHere to analyze, plan and monitor their clients’ healthcare usage, costs and associated risk. CareHere is one of the largest providers of on-site health and wellness clinics, operating more than 120 clinics nationwide. By adopting Benefit Informatics, CareHere centralizes abstract health data to help employers accurately assess their employees’ healthcare needs for a more efficient plan design.

Benefit Informatics, the data analytics component of the Benefitfocus Portfolio of Products and Services, integrates hundreds of health data sources into a single data warehouse and transforms data into actionable information for finance and benefits departments as well as any third party consultants. The technology facilitates effective decision making during evaluations of workforce demographics and new plan designs.

“A focus on employee wellness is top-of-mind for employers aiming to take a more proactive approach to managing increases in healthcare spending,” commented Benefitfocus President and CEO Shawn Jenkins. “We are pleased that our technology allows CareHere to better serve their clients by providing more transparency around all aspects of healthcare. With this enhanced visibility and the associated cost savings opportunities, CareHere can help employers realize a greater return on their on-site health and wellness clinic investments.”

CareHere Physicians, Nurses and Account Managers can now analyze utilization data and produce both scheduled and ad hoc reports for their clients. In addition, Benefit Informatics allows the on-site clinic provider to create health-related risk and cost projections through Advanced Clinical Analysis, which features the Johns Hopkins ACG® clinical predictive modeling system. The technology provides CareHere clients with meaningful insights, such as predicting an increase in claims and pharmacy expenses and auditing plan activity for potential fraud.

“We evaluated informatics technology providers before selecting Benefitfocus as our analytics partner,” said Ernie Clevenger, President and Founder of CareHere. “We needed a flexible and robust solution to integrate multiple health data sources and allow our providers and managers to easily access information for our customers. Benefitfocus offers us the premier solution to meet the needs of our entire client base.”

About CareHere

Based in Nashville, TN, CareHere specializes in providing on-site healthcare through employers, including municipalities and state governments, by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable. CareHere manages more than 120 clinics in 20 states including Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arizona by integrating wellness and case management with on-site healthcare resulting in measurable savings and healthcare trend reductions. For more information, visit

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