Benefitfocus Fall Software Release Simplifies How Leaders Plan, Manage and Deliver a Successful Open Enrollment

New features include enterprise grade reporting, enhanced open enrollment visibility and simplified management of coverage for dependents

Charleston, S.C. – August 20, 2017 – Benefitfocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: BNFT), a leading provider of cloud-based benefits management software, today announced its Autumn Software Release, with enhancements designed specifically to drive success before, during and after Open Enrollment and ensure benefits administrators and employees have a great experience.

“Our customers ongoing success is important to us, and Open Enrollment is a crucial part of that,” said Benefitfocus President Ray August. “The experience for our insurance carriers, benefits administrators and employees during this critical period sets the tone for year-round employee engagement. The updates in our Autumn Software Release are specifically designed to set our entire community up for success and provide our customers with the tools they need to provide for their employees.”

The software release’s enhancements ensure employers and insurance carriers have a smooth Open Enrollment on the Benefitfocus Platform. New capabilities include:

Open Enrollment Planning

  • One Place 365 Dashboard –the all new One Place 365 Dashboard provides immediate access to all of the information benefits leaders need to plan and deliver a successful open enrollment on the Benefitfocus Platform
  • One Place 365 Requirements Navigator – with the all new Requirements Navigator, planning for renewal is even easier for benefits leaders with cloud based requirements capture and the ability to monitor platform configuration history over time

Open Enrollment Performance

  • Open Enrollment Manager – based on community feedback the all new Enrollment Manager provides employers and insurance carriers with real time visibility into upcoming deadlines, time-sensitive tasks and final steps to deliver a successful open enrollment
  • Data exchange visibility – an improved data exchange framework provides leaders with push button visibility into platform transactions, file extraction and delivery

Year-Round Benefits Management

  • Advanced Reporting – announced during One Place, HR and benefits leaders can now access enterprise grade reporting capabilities and visualization tools that simplify plan monitoring and provide easy access to data on the Benefitfocus Platform
  • Enhanced dependent verification – employees can easily add or remove dependents, with automatic prompts to make plan adjustments, and can easily see if dependent verification has been completed

For insurance carriers, the release also includes additional enhancements to power success for them and their customers throughout the year, including:

  • Simplified dependent management- streamlined dependent modification combined with automated alerts to confirm coverage changes year round
  • Data accuracy & timeliness- increased visibility into data and new tools to anticipate customer setup and renewal needs
  • Responsive automatic enrollment- enables existing employees to be auto-enrolled in certain benefits, for example when they become newly eligible in response to a category change, without logging into the enrollment portal

Current customers can learn more about the Autumn Software Release and receive training with these new tools through the Benefitfocus University.

About Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus (NASDAQ: BNFT) provides a leading cloud-based benefits management platform that simplifies how organizations and individuals shop for, enroll in, manage and exchange benefits.  Every day leading employers, insurance companies and the consumers they serve rely on our platform to manage, scale and exchange benefits data seamlessly.  In an increasingly complex benefits landscape, we bring order to chaos so our clients and their employees have access to better information, make better decisions and lead better lives. Learn more at, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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