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Healthcare 3.0: How Technology Is Driving the Transition to Prosumers, Platforms and Outsurance

Points of transformation are often proceeded by a disruption that ignites the need to accelerate a change. For the health care industry and many others around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as that point of disruption, accelerating the use of many technologies. Join health care futurist Dr. Rubin Pillay and Benefitfocus Senior Vice President Stephen Lance for a discussion on how technology is driving the transition to prosumers, platforms and outsurance and consider these key points:

  • In the future biotech sensors could serve as the solution for one of health care and the insurance industry’s most pressing issues, patient compliance. 
  • The use of exponential computing technologies can solve the cost, quality and access challenges plaguing our industries today. 
  • It's becoming critically important for businesses to adopt a platform model in order to address access and costs challenges with exponential scale. 

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Panelist: Dr. Rubin Pillay, Assistant Dean, School of Medicine, and Chief Innovation Officer, Health System, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Moderator: Stephen Lance, Senior Vice President, Benefitfocus