Spring Release 2015

Coverage Calculators

Employees can assess individual disability coverage needs, estimate FSA tax savings and evaluate life insurance needs with three new interactive calculators available at any time through the Communication Portal. These tools serve to drive engagement and empower employees as consumers to make better benefit decisions on their own.

Enhanced Rehire Wizard

Administrators can more quickly and easily reinstate benefits for rehired employees with an enhanced workflow that simplifies options and applies time-based rules to make sure that employees are enrolled precisely when they need to be.

Cancelled Benefit Details

Administrators don’t have to dig through historical information or run a report to see plans in which an employee was previously enrolled. They can view cancelled benefit information—including plan, coverage level and effective dates—right alongside an employee’s active benefits on the Benefits Details screen.

Report Drill-Down

After running a report within Advanced Analytics, administrators can simply click a button to see the details behind report results. They’re able to get insight on where specific pieces of information came from—without having to run any additional reports.