Summer Release 2015

Plan Participation Widget

Through advanced data visualization, administrators can get a straightforward snapshot of plan participation—by plan and by participation period. They can also compare enrollment counts across different participation periods.

Benefit Eligibility Dashboard

Administrators can easily see all the benefits for which an employee is eligible, along with coverage levels, rates, plan documents, dependency rules and more. Through intuitive navigation features, they can also filter and drill down into eligibility details to provide employees better assistance in understanding their benefit options.

Employee Timeline

New features give administrators greater insight into historical data. They can view an employee’s benefit status and history down to a particular point in time, with the option to compare and filter information.

Enhanced Data & Reporting Dashboard

Administrators can download, delete and safely share standard reports with other administrators via the Data & Reporting Dashboard. Shared reports can be accompanied with a configurable message to the recipient and can be stored for a set period of time.