Winter Release 2014

FSA, HSA and HRA Eligibility Rule Enhancements

The enrollment workflow can now be configured to support specific eligibility rules and new regulatory requirements that limit contributions FSA, HSA and HRA plans. These rules enable employers to:

  • Prevent employees from enrolling in HSA and FSA in the same participation period
  • Limit decreases in FSA contribution midyear to stay in compliance with restrictions around benefit changes as a result of qualifying life events
  • Allow for initial and recurring HRA contributions to be prorated according to preferences for new hires.

Event-Driven Notification Updates

Event-driven messages can now be sent through the Communication Portal based on dependent age and benefit type—for example, when a dependent reaches age 26, the affected employee will be sent a notification. Messages can also be sent based only on benefit type.

Leave of Absence (LOA) Administration

Leave of Absence (LOA) information can now be populated within the Benefits Administration Role and sent to appropriate vendor, eliminating extra email communication and manual processes.

To-Do List Enhancements

The 2014 Fall Release introduced a way to specify which items on the to-do list needed to be completed prior to employees enrolling in their benefits. Now, employees are notified about the outstanding items when attempting to enroll in their benefits.

Lost Time Estimator

Administrators now have more transparency into the “hidden” costs of healthcare through new Advanced Analytics capabilities. The Lost Time Estimator through Advanced Analytics provides a historical look back at how much time may have been missed due to healthcare services.