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With over 45 partners and 85 products, the BenefitsPlace catalog is always growing.


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Find the Perfect Mix

From critical illness coverage to student loan support, or even auto insurance, our team of BenefitsPlace Advisors work with employers to optimize their benefits strategy with the perfect mix of products.


Drive Higher Engagement

Through AI-powered communication, employees receive personalized product recommendations and tips, so they can get the most out of their benefits all year long.

Offer Payment Options

With SelfPay, employees can pay for eligible BenefitsPlace products with any major credit or debit card without any required changes to payroll.

Make Changes

Make Changes at Any Time​

Quickly launch new products at any time of the year, without additional implementation time or cost.


Get Actionable Insights

Track program impact and understand what benefits are working, what's not, and what to do about it with BenefitsPlace Insights

Additional Support BenefitsPlace

Access Additional Support​

Get hands-on support from our Open Enrollment Concierge during your busiest time of year and take advantage of onsite
support and tools to drive employee engagement.

BenefitsPlace Categories

Benefitfocus Health

Supplement core medical coverage and improve access to affordable, high-quality care.


Health Catalog

Benefitfocus Wealth

Provide options to help consumers protect their income and save for the future.


Wealth Catalog

Benefitfocus Property

Help consumers protect their most important investments.


Property Catalog

Benefitfocus Lifestyle

Round out coverage with products that tackle other sources of stress and anxiety.


Lifestyle Catalog