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GoodRx Gold


GoodRx Gold is a subscription-based pharmacy discount program that saves members up to 90 percent on prescription medications. GoodRx Gold memberships are provided to Benefit Catalog members at a discounted rate for individual or family membership. Family memberships cover up to six family members, including pets! Members are given access to a mobile app and online portal that can help them track their savings and find a participating pharmacy. Additional benefits such as discounted online doctor visits are also provided. GoodRX Gold members just show their card to the pharmacist to access exclusive savings – no coupons required.

How it helps


  • Provide financial stability – with the rising costs of prescription drugs, this product provides a means to help employees save up to 90% on their medications
  • Mitigate rising costs – by providing their workforce with a means to save on prescription drugs,  they are increasing the likelihood their employees fill and take their medications, thus decreasing the number of claims submitted

Your Employees

  • Employees save up to 90% on prescription medications with GoodRX Gold
  • Convenience – with the member portal, employees can track their medications, receive refill reminders, easily transfer pharmacies

Available Products

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Find out more about how GoodRx Gold's Rx discount program can help you and your employees.

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