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Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance


For more than a century, Texas Life Insurance Company has been providing its clients with peace of mind that comes with owning life insurance. Today, its 150 employees are committed to providing voluntary permanent life insurance at the workplace. Texas Life strives to provide coverage that is readily available, convenient and affordable for employees nationwide (not available in NY). PURELIFE-GWL is designed to allow you to keep your valuable life insurance protection when you retire or change jobs. Your death benefit will last for as long as you live, up to age 121, as long as you pay the necessary premiums. Form series TL-CGWL-19.

How it helps


  • Voluntary permanent life insurance.  It’s what we do.  (And we’re good at it.) 
  • Texas Life is the oldest Life Insurance Company chartered in Texas, established in 1901. 
  • Licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Dedicated solely to the worksite market. 
  • Rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best1. Consistently ranked as a Top 5 provider of permanent life insurance at the workplace.
  • The same, small team will handle each step from RFP through a Claim initiation. We will know the history of the group from start to finish. Focusing on helping the employer understand the needs of their employees.
  • We allow the employee to choose the benefit amount that best suits their needs during the enrollment process.
  • Able to host QLE events. 

Your Employees
Voluntary permanent life insurance can be an ideal complement to the group term and optional term life insurance your employer might provide. This voluntary universal life product is yours to keep, even when you change jobs or retire, as long as you pay the necessary premium. Group and voluntary term may be portable if you change jobs, but even if you can keep them after you retire they usually cost more and decline in death benefit.

This type of life insurance offers one of the highest death benefits available at the worksite: PurLife-plus. This gives your loved ones peace of mind knowing there will be life insurance in force when you die. Unique in the marketplace, it also offers you a refund of 10 years’ premium should you surrender the policy if the premium you pay when you buy the policy ever increases (conditions apply). With an accelerated death benefit due to terminal illness rider, should you need it, you can take the large majority of your death benefit while still alive. Designed to provide a high death benefit at a reasonable premium, it frees up investment dollars to be directed toward such tax-favored retirement plans as 403(b), 457 and 401(k). Enjoy the assurance of a policy that has a guaranteed death benefit to age 121 and level premium that guarantees coverage for a significant period of time (after the guaranteed period, premiums may go down, stay the same, or go up).

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