Benefits Service Center

See how the BENEFITFOCUS® Benefits Service Center combines an atmosphere of respect, hard work, individuality, collaboration and fun to provide our customers with top-notch service.



Hanna: I have the most awesome job in the world. The environment is really relaxed. I actually don't feel like I work in a call center. It is really far from my mind. We are going to work hard but we are going to have fun in the process. It's a lot of fun. Generally, you can't say that when you think of work, you don't think of fun. I can say work and fun fall into the same category here.
Hi. My name is Hanna and I am a Benefits Administrator. My main role is to take calls, help individuals when they are calling, answer any questions about their benefit offering and do the physical enrollment end of the benefits.
Sharma: Hi. My name is Sharma and I am a Benefits administrator. I help people make sure their familiy is taken care of. Being able to make sure that they can get to the doctor and get the health services they need or to make sure that if anything happens, that their loved ones will be taken care of.
Hanna: My favourite thing about what I do is knowing that I'm helping people and I'm making an impact. Regardless of your situation in life, at some point in time, your health insurance is going to come in to affect when you are going to need it. I know that I'm giving individuals the information they need to make the best decision and choose the plan that is going to best suit them in their needs when it comes time to utilizing that plan. It's a lot of anxiety, it's a lot of frustration because people have deadlines and they have to do enrollment and they don't know what to do.
Sharma: When our clients call in, they are going to get a friendly voice, someone they know wants to help me, and are concerned about their issue. The culture here does have a lot to do with that because if you are in a relaxed environment, and you are enjoying what you are doing, it conveys over the phone in your voice and in your tone to your caller.
Hanna: One of the first calls I took was a member coming in and she was a new hire. One of the benefits that was being offered to her was a cancer coverage. It was the last of 10 offerings that she had. The cancer coverage was the last thing on her mind and she was just concerned about medical-dental invasion and had skirted over it. I wanted to be sure that she knew that this was an offering and she needed to make an election. After talking to her and telling what the main points of the benefits were and what it offered, she decided that she wanted to elect the coverage.
Her annual enrollment period rolled around about six weeks later in October, in one in a million chance, I got her on the phone again. She was diagnosed with breast cancer four weeks later. Had I not given her the information about this benefit, and told her what it had to offer, she probably would't have taken it and she wouldn't have had that coverage. She never would have known that she would have needed it. For me a little thing like that, knowing that taking that extra 30 extra seconds, that extra minute to give her that extra information made a huge difference in her life.
Sharma: Benefits are good. It is good that I can make sure that my client is having everything they need and that they can receive their benefits. I have people saying, "Oh, You sound so excited, you know." They will perk up, they can call in and maybe be kinda down or, you know, have a not such a good day. By the end of the call, they are laughing and they will thank you for my day. When I get there, then I know I have done my job.