Success Story | Bartlett Tree Experts

Carmen Berrios of Bartlett Tree Experts shares details about the "top-notch" customer service the company has experienced working with Benefitfocus and explains how Benefitfocus Marketplace helps attract and retain employees.



Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907, and it's the world's leader in scientific tree and shrub care. We as a company go out to different residential and commercial properties. The crew does the pruning and climbing up onto the trees. If they find a disease or something that they don't recognize, they will send a sample down to our research lab, and our research lab will identify the issue and give them a cure for it. I handle all employee benefits for all locations including the United States and Canada. 
Prior to considering going to online enrollment, we were doing paper enrollments. We sent out packets upon packets of information to employees. It was a massive headache. I spent a lot of weekends not only in the office, but at home, making sure that all the paperwork got in, the information went into our payroll system, and that it went in there accurately. Eventually, I could bring in three different vendors. Out of all the vendors that I brought in, Benefitfocus offered what we were looking for. 
I believe that Benefitfocus stood out for our company, not only because of their technology, which was unbelievable in my eyes, but also because of their dedication to education and customer service. All the people from the sales force to implementation and rolling out the website, was just top notch. The rollout of our website was even more than I expected, to be honest with you. Suddenly, we have everything you need at a touch of a button and you're there. You can see your benefits, policies, and videos all in one place. It's really turned out to be a great tool for all our employees, not only the English-speaking employees, but to our Hispanic workforce. 
Benefitfocus Marketplace has proven to be an asset as far as teaching employees how important the benefit program is to the company and to its employees. I think it's very important to educate them on benefits because then they get a better feel for what exactly the company is doing for them. Not only do they get a salary, but they also get benefits that cost extra amount of dollars. 
We're constantly in a hiring mode, constantly. We use Benefitfocus Marketplace as a recruiting tool. Our Benefitfocus Marketplace website gives prospective new hires a good first look at our company, our benefits and how important our employees are to us as a company.
Working with the team at Benefitfocus has been absolutely a great, great experience. I can honestly say that Benefitfocus is headed in the right direction.