Success Story | Brookdale Senior Living

Adam Rolfs of Brookdale Senior Living explains how the Benefits Service Center complements the Benefitfocus Marketplace by providing the human touch that delivers a more personal benefits experience for their 82,000 employees across the country.



Adam: At Brookdale, we have 1,100 communities serving over 110,000 residents. We have 82,000 associates across the country. The Benefits team is 10 people. We serve the entire population, making sure that we're still providing value to the associates when we're not there physically at their community. Recently, in 2014, we merged with another company, Emeritus Senior Living. Our recent merger, we nearly doubled in size. We're now operating in more communities, more associates, and more benefits. This was the year where we said, we really need the extra help and the extra technology to help us get through this past open enrollment with our recent merger.
What's great about Benefitfocus is, they're putting it all together for us. We use the Benefits Service Center, the Benefitstore, and the Benefitfocus Marketplace, to act as a central hub to help us administer all of our benefits to each individual employee. My favorite part about Benefitfocus is the Benefits Service Center.
Kristen: During Brookdale open enrollment, we fielded over 21,000 calls. The main mission here at the Benefits Service Center is to assist employees in enrolling in their benefits, and help families really understand how to make the most of the benefits that are offered to them.
Adam: Because benefits is an ever-changing department with a lot of regulation, people have a lot of questions. While we try to answer all their questions, there are times where we cannot, with the volume, and the Benefits Service Center has really allowed us to be more personal with our associates to make sure that we're still providing them a human touch to their benefits.
Kristen: I know that each call is so important to that individual, and that they're calling in a time where they need help for their family.
Adam: They really took the time to understand our culture, so it really helped blend in the day-to-day operations to make this an easy transition for our associates. What's exciting is, they're almost an extension of our department. We know some of them by names. When we take some phone calls you recognize the voices.
Andrew: Thank you for calling the Brookdale Benefits Service Center. My name is Andrew. Can I get your first and last name?
We really wanted to stress that Benefitfocus and Brookdale were going to be one and that we were going to work together. We immediately felt like we were part of Brookdale, and that helps to get ready to take call volume like that. The most important thing for us, and for me, is that we're providing exceptional service for every single call and every single Brookdale associate. Anytime they call, we always want to make sure we empathize with them, and feel like when they're calling Benefitfocus, they're calling Brookdale and they're talking to somebody from Brookdale.
Adam: Having your benefits communicated properly allows associates to enjoy their day-to-day lives, and that's one great thing that the Benefits Service Center provides us, is the opportunity for the associates to call and have someone listen.
Kristen: We really enjoy supporting our customers and making sure that everything we do, we keep customers at the heart.
Andrew: It's easy to see the impact of what you're doing because you're in such a first-hand basis. You're talking to these people, you hear their stories, you understand that helping them make the right decisions is affecting their entire year and their entire family, and that's really something amazing.