Success Story | CTCA

Gina Meziere and Jonathan Funston of Cancer Treatment Centers of America describe how Benefitfocus Marketplace has helped them centralize and organize their benefits, and why working with Benefitfocus has been a first class experience.



Gina: Today, we are located at Western Regional Medical Center which is found in the West Valley of Phoenix. It is nestled in between multiple mountain ranges. It provides a very scenic healing place for our patients where they are treating. We have a mother standard of care here. When the patient walks in the door, we want them to feel like family. We treat them like anybody's mother, father, brother, sister.
Jonathan: We know that it's our stakeholders or employees who create and deliver the care that we expect and the standards that we expect.
Gina: They want to understand the benefits and patients want to understand what options are out there for them. The Benefitfocus Marketplace really allows us the chance to provide all that information in one place.
I'm the benefits specialist for CTCA. Our experience with Benefitfocus has been very positive. The Benefitfocus Marketplace is very innovative and it's very different than what we have seen in the market. It really allows an organization the ability to take that site and make it their own, which you don't see with a lot of other benefits platforms. I think for an organization, being able to make something your own and to brand it the way your stakeholders or your employees need to see is key.
Jonathan: At CTCA, I'm the corporate manager of Health and wellness. I centrally organize our health offerings, incentive designs for our 5,200 stakeholders at five sites and three corporate officers. We can offer a world of benefits, tools, resources and information, but without a tool like Benefitfocus Marketplace, that's central and organizes everything, it really becomes a disparate offering that will never get the penetration or the utilization that we really need to drive the impact.
Gina: We went through an RFP process when we were selecting our benefit vendor and Benefitfocus gave us everything we were looking for. We were really looking for someone with that unique culture, and most importantly, someone who is innovative and very technologically advanced. Benefitfocus brought all that to us. Implementation of any new product is very complicated, especially a benefits product. Our implementation team at Benefitfocus worked together with CTCA to make sure that our implementation went smoothly and it did feel like that collaborative partnership to talk through best practice and to make sure that what we were implementing was going be the best for CTCA.
CTCA is a unique organization. You walk in and it doesn't feel like a hospital. It's very supportive, it's very collaborative, and it's very team-spirited. We went out to Benefitfocus, that's exactly what we saw. We saw a collaborative environment, a very team-focused environment, and very much a family setting. That's what we are looking for in a partner.
We have been able to use the Benefitfocus Marketplace to educate stakeholders about what we are offering and what plans we have at the fingertips so that they have the knowledge and understand that CTCA is offering great benefit packages. Prior to launching Benefitfocus Marketplace, we had about 59% of our stakeholders that were involved in our high-deductible plan. Since launching the site, this year, with Benefitfocus Marketplace, we've gotten that number up to 70%.
We've had nothing but positive feedback. We have heard that the site is very easy to use from a navigation perspective. I would say we get a lot of questions than we may have had in the past.
Jonathan: My experience with our program management, of Benefitfocus, has been first class. They are always transparent and authentic, and willing to collaborate with your partners.
Gina: Benefitfocus has worked with us hand-in-hand throughout the process. Helped us to understand best practices. It is a partnership that we are looking forward to in many years to come. I think that Benefitfocus provides a very innovative, a very technologically advanced solution that you are not going to find on the market.