Success Story | Rush University Medical Center

Lori Rudnicki of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago shares how Benefitfocus has helped them build a happier, healthier workforce by increasing healthcare cost transparency and wellness engagement.



I'm the Benefits Manager for Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and we're a renowned hospital in the Chicago area. While we offer advanced technology, medically, for our patients, we did not have anything in place for our employees. It was all paper when I arrived.
We had many challenges when we had paper enrollments. We had no ability to get history for the employees on what benefits they had selected in the past. They didn't have any type of information that they could pull on the benefits, so no benefits reporting from our system. Not only that, but it was all data entry, which led itself to errors, manual errors, and data entry errors. Then, we decided to use Benefitfocus, and that has really made a difference for our employees.
The biggest change that I've seen for our employees is, there's more self-service for our employees. They have more information and more knowledge about what benefits they've selected. We, as an HR team, have so much more information and data. We're able to find out how many people we have in our basic plan. We were never able to do that before, and that's been great for us.
I think, for us, for Rush to have that as an employer, to have the data analytics, it will really help us predict not only our future, but understand what's happening today so that we can strategize long-term as to where we want to go, what seems to be working for us, where our employee populations are settling and where they're segregated.
It's important for us to have wellness at the heart of everything that we do. That's who we are. That's what Rush portrays, and we feel strongly that our employees are engaged and really involved in their healthcare as well. We've utilized the portal to put information about the Wellness program and details about our walking program. We use that Communication Portal to be a voice for our Wellness person. This has been an asset to her as she's trying to push information out to our employees. We found that we could really reach out and help a few people, and help people get control of their lives and their health.
At the end of the day, your health and your family is what's important, and for Rush having healthier and happier employees means more productivity, and they also feel more of a loyalty or compassion to Rush.
I think the passion that Benefitfocus has for its customers, and realizing that they're touching the lives of many other people other than their clients, it's touching the lives of all the client's employees, and that's amazing.