Success Story | Standard Textile

Connie Retherford of Standard Textile explains how Benefitfocus Marketplace helps associates understand wellness incentives and motivates them to take control of their health.



Connie: Standard Textile is a company that was founded back in 1940. We have over 4,000 associates worldwide. If you were to walk into a hotel room, you would see our products: the towels, the wash clothes, the sheets, the bed covering, the comforters, the window treatments.
Why do people come to work? Of course, we want to come to work because we have passion for what we do, but I mean, I think benefits and compensation are probably two of the most important things. It is extremely important to get all our associates enrolled in their benefits, and to communicate our benefit plans to them. There's so much responsibility to an employer on communication.
We've gone through two open enrollments with Benefitfocus. Before Benefitfocus, the system was not user-friendly. I feel like the innovation that Benefitfocus has put into this platform is exactly what we were looking for. I love it, I do. I mean, I really, truly do. In the past, open enrollment sometimes just seemed like a nightmare for our associates and I feel like now, with this system, it just makes open enrollment easier, it's more informative. I feel like it's a system out there, that it's not just an open enrollment tool. I think that's the greatest thing I like about it, is it's a resource that associates can use all year long.
Your health is everything. Your health is the foundation to your life. One of the main reasons that I think we were so attracted to Benefitfocus is because we have these wellness incentives. And these incentives are very important to us. Benefitfocus Marketplace is extremely user-friendly. It walks the associate through. It asks the questions, for example did you achieve your wellness goal? Are you a tobacco user? Did you complete your annual physical? I think associates are really getting engaged with our wellness program here. We've seen associates stop smoking and I think they now see the financial impact that has on their premiums. Benefitfocus Marketplace is also very helpful with our reporting because we report on these incentives too. It's not only helping the associates in being able to see the discounts they're receiving, it's also helping us in being able to track these incentives.
The response from associates with Benefitfocus Marketplace has been very, very positive. They can go through it as fast as they want to go through it, or as slow as they want to go through it. You know, you can look a chart, you can compare, and you can watch the videos.
Woman on video: Welcome to your new portal.
Connie: I think videos are extremely important. People can read and read and read, but I think when you're able to click on a video and have someone walk you through a process, or tell you about a benefit, explain the differences, there's just no words to say how helpful that is, or how important a tool that is. That was something I really liked about Benefitfocus Marketplace, was having that capability.
I think having the ability to post anything we need to post, regarding healthcare reform, is fabulous. What we really love about Benefitfocus Marketplace is that we're constantly changing, we're constantly looking at what's going to be next, and I love the fact that Benefitfocus Marketplace is always out there changing with us. We know, all year, we have a team out there that's supporting us. We've really built a good relationship with that team, and that's important to us.
Our goal, our mission, is to help our customers, our associates, our partners succeed, and I feel like that's what Benefitfocus has done for us with the Benefitfocus Marketplace platform. It's helping us succeed. It's a great partnership.