One Place 2016 | Mobile Benefits Enrollment Demo

The convenience and personalization that mobile devices provide consumers is now available for enrolling in benefits with the all-new Benefitfocus Marketplace consumer role.



Sean: The perfect complement to the world's most awesome consumer experience and benefits is a mobile app, a native app. We introduced it a few years ago, the Benefitfocus app. It's beautiful, it's all your benefits in your pocket. People love it. We now carry it around, when we go to the doctor, we just pull out, will show what insurance that we have. Our ecosystem, our care partners are now putting, you know, their information there. Our employers are doing all sorts of fun things with it.
We've been working on a key project, a key leap-forward in the mobile app for the last couple years. I'm so excited to announce to you, today, a significant leap-forward for all of us in the benefits industry. The first of its kind in the earth, I assure you, full mobile enrollment inside the Benefitfocus app.
We've been working very hard to put all the life events, all the new hire rules, all the eligibility for open enrollment in the mobile app because we know that mobile is the number one computing platform in the world. And without further ado, to give us a great look, my good friend, Chanel Sovine, to give us a demonstration. Chanel, take it away.
Chanel: Thanks, Sean. Good morning, everyone. Well, this little lady may be the youngest person to ever enroll herself in benefits. My husband and I had the joy of bringing her into the world last year. And as a new parent, I remember so many emotions running through me. After having our daughter, I remember the need to protect her and keep her healthy. With that in mind, at two days old, we logged in to the Benefitfocus marketplace to enroll her in benefits from the hospital. You can see that at the time, we completed our life event in the web browser of our tablet. Well, since then, our engineers have been hard at work even further enhancing our both mobile experience, which will now allow your employees to complete life-event changes of their very own in the Benefitfocus mobile app, on their phones from wherever they are. I'm so excited to show it to you. Let's look.
We'll be logging in, today, as Eva. She's a new mom like me who just had a baby. When using a phone to add my brand new baby to coverage, I want to have confidence that she's covered at the end of the process and I want it to be quick and easy. The app login functionality has been enhanced to allow for just that. With a simple, secure scan of my fingerprint, I'm into the app. The very first option I see, right here at the top, is the ability to complete a life-event change and that's exactly what I'm here to do. But that's no coincidence, just like the recommendations I received from my favorite shopping apps on my phone, the Benefitfocus app is also using information it knows about me to tailor what it presents. This means that your new hires, employees in open enrollment, and those in an off-cycle period will all have an experience, personalized to them, based on the time of year they're logging in.
As I scroll down the page, I see my benefit snapshot, which gives me an easy view into the benefits I'm currently enrolled in. I also see the brand new account section, which gives me an easy view into the financial accounts I'm contributing to. To add my new baby to coverage, I'll head back up to the top and select the life of an option. I still have the familiar progress bar in the app, which indicates where I am within the enrollment workflow. 
To get started, I'll select the life isn't a birth and enter my new baby's birthday. I'm now on the family profile where I can see the dependents that I currently have on record, including my spouse who I'm covering under my dental and vision policies. To add my new baby, I'll simply select add a family member. Her name's Mia. I'll enter her basic information, and save. I can now see that Mia has been added to my family profile and I'll continue to add her to benefits.
Here on the benefits listing page, I can scroll through all the benefits that I'm currently enrolled in, but today, I just need to add Mia to medical. So I'll select, "Update benefit," in the medical section. On the medical page, I see that I'm enrolled in the high-deductible health plan and I can also see the associated $21 cost per paycheck for my individual coverage. I also see Mia's name here at the bottom. When I select it, a green check is added next to her name and she's moved up to the top of my dependents list indicating that she's now covered. I also notice, at the top, that my cost per paycheck has been updated to reflect the $45 amount for family coverage.
Just like that, we've successfully added Mia to medical benefits. Yes, tell Mia. Let's see what's next. Back on the benefit listing page, as I scroll down the screen, I see a new message here in the HSA section that wasn't here before indicating that my annual contribution limit has increased. That's worth a closer look, so I'll select, "Update coverage." The app is proactively notifying me that not only has my annual contribution limit increase, but that my employer, Fresh Foods, is now contributing an additional $500 to my account because of my change to family coverage. As a new mom with plenty of pediatrician visits in my future, this message really helps me to see the value that my employer is providing to me and to my family. I love that.
We'll continue to the HSA page. I notice a horizontal bar across the top of the screen. This is the newly enhanced contribution tracker which gives me a gauge for how my contributions compare to the amount I'm actually allowed to fund into my account. I can see the amount that my employer's contributing, in light blue, and the amount I'm contributing, in dark blue. The gray space lets me know that I can still increase my contributions, substantially, before hitting my new maximum. I'll select, "Your contribution," to see what my options are.
Here on my contribution page, I see that I'm contributing $75 per paycheck. Now, you heard Sean mention the state of employee benefits research study that Benefitfocus released earlier this year. The study showed that on average, employees are only contributing about 42% of the allowable amount into their HSA, vastly underutilizing their HSA as an investment tool. The new contribute maximum amount feature, here in the middle of the screen, helps employees to take full advantage of their HSA. Yes. When I select to contribute maximum amount, the contribution tracker fills right up and my contribution per paycheck has been automatically updated as well. With just the single click of a button, and no additional calculations needed on my end, I've just made a sound financial investment into my HSA. Now, that's awesome.
I'm back on the benefits listing page where I have a final opportunity to review all the benefits that I've made changes to and everything looks great. I'll complete my enrollment. Just like that, we've successfully added Mia to medical benefits and maximized her HSA all right here in the app using a display and a design that's been optimized to my device on each and every screen.
Back here on the home page, I can see that a few things have changed. I'm now being prompted to enter a dependent verification document for Mia. When I receive her birth certificate, I can simply snap a picture with my phone and upload it to her record right here in the app. As I scroll down the page, I can see that the medical section of my benefits snapshot reflects the updated amount for family coverage. And my HSA also shows my updated contribution. As a new mom, I wanted confidence that Mia would be covered and quick and easy. Well, mission accomplished. With the newly enhanced mobile app, I have peace of mind knowing that all the tools I need to manage my family's coverage with an experience, personalized to me, are right here in my fingerprint. Thank you. 
Sean: I know, right? Beautiful mobile enrollment. So much work has gone into this, we know you're going to love it. We can't wait for the feedback of the customer community. The HSA experience for our employers, it's included in the Benefitfocus platform. New for Carriers is we'll be working with our care customers and private exchanges on is a private-label version of the mobile app and integrating it with your own native app implementations that you have of your carrier of business.
Really powerful functionality. You see a lot of badges up here, there's a lot of functionality to be coming out through the summer and in the autumn so we have you're ready for open enrollment. Very exciting.