One Place 2016 | Paperless & Technology Initiatives

Hear how CDPHP has realized millions in savings by processing applications and providing contracts electronically for both individual members and brokers.



We have slowly been working towards a paperless environment for both our member constituents, as well as our broker constituents. We started in about 2014 with no longer printing and mailing your member contract. We have a secure portal that all our constituents can access, post those documents there and we try to drive our membership to go retrieve their documents from their secure-member portal, as opposed to requesting a paper copy. We've seen millions of dollars in savings just from that initiative alone.
On the sales side, when we went up with the e-sales platform, our goal was to be 100% paperless within two years. We've worked very hard, and we've worked with our Benefitfocus partners on market adoption because that's a complete paradigm shift for our broker community. They're used to sitting down, filling out paperwork, it's a very personal experience. But we were able to show them the benefits of using an electronic solution are. We can get that group processed, we say 48 hours, just to be safe, but honestly, it's a real-time transaction that's happening, near real-time. We get that sales that as marks file comes in, and we process it immediately and we provision that group automatically in our core system.
They've seen the benefits of using the platform, in that they can turn around and get people access to care almost a week faster than what a previous SLA would have been around there. We've seen a fantastic response to the platform, and like I said, we've moved our full, small group work of business over to the platform.
The biggest technology investment that we've done is around our sales recording process. The ability to provide an electronic solution that is significantly faster, and being able to work, really, in the trenches with our business partners, is what allowed us to be successful as an IT organization because we had the same skin in the game. We all wanted the same outcome and we all were very clear on what needed to be accomplished and what our end goal was.
We have a couple of integration points and a couple of automated solutions on the back-end that helped us facilitate that. It started with the ACIA, the New York State Public Exchange. We needed a way to intake that information and get it to our core system, and plopping it out on a spreadsheet for somebody to work manually just wasn't an option. We developed a homegrown solution that would provision the shop groups, that's, they are called in New York State, and the electronic V834 files coming in from the state.
That was in place in 2014, when we went live with the E-sales and E-enrollment platforms, we already sort of had a framework for how we would accomplish that back-end data integration with our core system, and we use facets, so it's tricky. We leveraged some of the systems that we had built to support the New York State Exchange to support our processing of the S-marks and the 834s coming from Benefitfocus.
Now, we're really excited, we're in the middle of implementing the E-exchange product, and we are going to use that for our entire large group book of business to process electronic enrollment. Currently, today, we're receiving 834s, proprietary files, spreadsheets, napkins with things written on. We’ve automated that but we have so much custom code embedded in those applications to support all those different formats that it's sort of become this nasty, tangled mess that you don't really want to poke it because you're afraid something else is going to break.
Allowing us to get one, clean, standardized 834 with all our large group, with the business rules built in ahead of time, so that we're not maintaining them is going to save us money. It’s going to save us hours, save me headaches, and it's just going to be a cleaner enrollment process for both our constituents as well as us, internally. We're really excited about that.