One Place 2017 | HSA Experience

Matthew Brown, Benefitfocus vice president of design and user experience, talks about the design process and demos our all-new HSA experience.



Let's talk about a long-term investment and a key area of focus regarding data accuracy at the HSA Experience.
During last year's open enrollment, we saw 600,000 CDH accounts open on the Benefitfocus platform, which equals $884 million contributed to those accounts. This is a result of a long-term investment in innovation and design around supporting these complex accounts.
But, most recently, we turned to the community and we set out to do something different. We formed an HSA working group, and we met monthly to talk about all aspects of HSA and some of the key challenges that communities face in offering these complex accounts. One thing we heard, loud and clear, was that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, we started one session with a simple question: "What is your contribution match strategy?" Out of 12 responses, I'm pretty sure we got 12 different answers.
We knew we needed to do something different. We needed to architect a solution that was flexible enough to support a comprehensive set of scenarios, while ensuring the data was delivered accurately and on time. We took a different approach architecturally, using a process called "componentization." Componentization is the process of segmenting a larger application into smaller, more manageable modules that represent a specific piece of functionality, in this case, HSA. The beauty of this approach is, it allows us to design intentional experiences in context without impacting the rest of the application.
We went through multiple designs during the design process because we knew this was much larger than just HSA. It was our attempt to create a more straightforward conversation with our users, and design a more elegant and intuitive experience. Let's look at the all-new HSA Experience.
We designed a region of the page to house personalized content. This provides additional context for those who need it, but doesn't compete with the main action of the page.
We reintroduced our "One Thought for Stream" methodology, but added an additional way of finding, and transitions to make the experience effortless.
We redesigned the contribution tracker to give additional details into the users' contributions. You'll note that it slides over the top part of the page, and this allows you to focus in on your contribution strategies.
Finally, we introduced the contribution schedule, and this gives you a sense of confidence and trust in the system, as you know when the deductions will be taken from your paycheck, and so you can manage accordingly.
The all-new HSA Experience will be available for early-adopter with our summer release, and available for general availability this fall. We cannot be more excited to get this in your hands because this is really setting the foundation for how we'll design and engineer products of a Benefitfocus moving forward.