One Place 2017 | Mobile Benefits Enrollment

Tammy Fennessy, benefits manager at American Eagle Outfitters, joins Benefitfocus' Matthew Brown to discuss how her workforce has taken advantage of mobile enrollment.



Tom: The best place to get started is, really, at consumer experience. This has different names sometimes. If you're a carrier, you might call it a member experience, or sometimes, the employee experience. But really, at its core, this is the experience in which a person is making those decisions about how they want to protect their family from the benefits that they're being offered. There's no better person to talk about their consumer experience. He was recently recognized by employee benefits news as one of the top innovators in our entire industry. It's his team that leads the design, the beautiful and elegant design that you see across the entirety of our portfolio of products. Join me in welcoming our Head of Design, Matthew Brown.
Matthew: Thanks, Tom. Good morning, everyone. My name is Matthew Brown and I head design and user experience here at Benefitfocus. I have the great privilege of working with a talented group of designers, engineers, researchers and product professionals to set the vision of design across the Benefitfocus platform. Together, we're crafting experiences for everyone.
As Tom mentioned, at the end of each transaction as a person, and that person is unique. They have a unique story and they have a unique expectation for software. So we need to craft experiences that are tailored for them and engage them where they are because now, more than ever, the world is mobile. Your workforce is mobile, they're on the go, and they expect access to information quickly. Therefore, the mobile device has become the lifeline for how they manage their day-to-day and managing benefits shouldn't be any different.
In 2013, we launched the Benefitfocus app, our native app providing access to all your benefits in your pocket. Over the years, we've added some great enhancements to the app: things like the benefits snapshot, mobile document upload, and the video library. But in fall of last year, we launched full mobile enrollment. I could not be prouder to say that we are the industry's first enterprise benefits management platform to offer 100% mobile-optimized enrollment.
Let's take a look. We redesigned each screen and optimized the display for all phone factors, including fun. We made it easy to maintain coverage year over year with just a touch. We redesigned the plan-selection experience to highlight important plan details and help you make the right decisions.
Then we introduced the mobile-first design pattern to allow you to quickly opt out of coverage you may not need. And because we support active, passive, and blended enrollment, it's now easier than ever to maintain coverage year over year. Mobile enrollment is available now and there's nothing you need to do to take full advantage of this great capability. We support screen sizes from desktop to tablet, to phone, and it's seamlessly integrated within the Benefitfocus app, our native app, which is available for download on both iOS and Android.
Now, one member of the community has taken full advantage of mobile enrollment, it's our friends at the American Eagle Outfitters. Please join me in a warm, one-place welcome for Tammy Fennessy, Benefits Manager at American Eagle Outfitters. Morning, Tammy.
Tammy: Thank you.
Matthew: Thank you so much for joining us. Maybe just start with just an overview of American Eagle Outfitters.
Tammy: Sure. American Eagle Outfitters is built on 38 years of customer service, innovation, and dedication. Right now, we are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We're headquartered there and we have over a thousand stores and over 40,000 associates worldwide.
Matthew: Wow. So maybe just share some of your benefit philosophies.
Tammy: Sure. As a company, we feel it is highly important that we are offering a very competitive suite and comprehensive suite of benefits to all of our associates in order to attract, retain, and motivate the best and brightest in the industry. We offer medical, dental, vision, a bunch of voluntary, financial and quality of life benefits to our associates.
Matthew: Sure, you have some great perks as well.
Tammy: Yes, we do. I cannot forget to mention we also have a great associate discount on all of our clothing, which is obviously loved by all of our associates.
Matthew: So you have a well-dressed team. So we know mobile played a big part in the success of last year's open enrollment, how did you communicate that offering to your associates?
Tammy: We really kind of did, like, three simple things. One of the things we focused on was making sure that we had the mobile download information front and center on our Communications Portal. We talked about it during orientations and emphasize the fact that if they had the time right there to download it, now we wanted them to. We also, during all our open enrollment, presentations, and one-on-ones, we emphasized the importance of the mobile app, and that it would give them the ability to enroll on their own mobile device whenever it was convenient for them.
Matthew: Very good. And so, how did the introduction of mobile during last year's open enrollment compare to years, past?
Tammy: Wow, all in years, past, I'm sure many of you can relate in here. I spent a lot of time keying benefits into our system and collecting paper forms from people who didn't have access to computers. With the Benefitfocus Communications Portal, we're able now to not only offer enrollment on computers, but not only can offer it on tablets, we can offer it, and especially, on the mobile phone.

In our day and age, we at American Eagle, our average age is 28, and you can imagine these people want convenience. They want it now, they want things done in real time. This gave us the ability and Benefitfocus portal on the mobile app allows them to go in and really do their enrollment in a very convenient, time-efficient manner.
Matthew: Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you so much for joining us today.
Tammy: Thank you.
Matthew: Another round of applause for Tammy Fennessy.