Benefitfocus Video | Using Video to Communicate

Why video? Simply put, it's a more effective employee engagement tool. Through segmentation, you can communicate in a more personalized way.



The human brain, the world's most fascinating machine. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons. Yet the average attention span of a human is around eight seconds. That's one second less than a goldfish. So, you really need a special hook to show your employees the impressive benefits you offer. Video it is. 
About 90% of the information your brain absorbs is visual, a good tool to have when you have so many words and complicated ACA changes to explain. Over the last eight years, we've produced thousands of videos for benefits administrators. We've created graphics that register with employees, we've looked at the data, and we've studied your audience. We know each employee is unique, and you want to connect with every one of them. 

Union, Spanish-speaking, salary in Seattle, hourly in Pittsburgh. Your company, is unique too. Banking, sportswear, Main Street, Wall Street, home offices, and corner offices. We put our data to work and design three specific styles for HR video communication. Styles that personalize, trigger employees to not just process health and benefits information, but retain it, and tools to measure your communications effectiveness, to drive future decisions. All projects are managed and delivered on schedule, so your employees can understand their health and benefits and you can concentrate on the many other tasks at hand.