Benefits Administration & Enrollment Software for Manufacturing

Delivering higher benefits management service levels with lower costs
Benefitfocus Marketplace: All Inclusive Benefits Management Platform

Skilled labor is at a premium in the manufacturing industry. As a benefits professional, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on employee satisfaction and well-being as well as your bottom line.

Benefitfocus enables you to increase administrative efficiency, manage compliance and empower employees to select the right level of coverage for their needs - all from a single platform. With the technology to turn your benefits data into actionable insight, you can design a benefits program that keeps your workforce protected and productive. 

  • Support enrollment for all types of benefits on any device, including smartphones
  • Create a simple, guided shopping experience to help employees make confident, cost-effective decisions.
  • Automate data exchange across your carriers, payroll and and HR systems to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhance employee engagement year-round with personalized, targeted communication
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"What we expected of Benefitfocus is exactly what we got, and more! It's done nothing but make our lives easier."

Carrie Mantel

Senior Manager, Global Compensation & Benefits

How does your benefits program compare?
of employees in the manufacturing industry select an HDHP over traditional plans.
employee-paid portion of health care premiums in the manufacturing industry, 3% higher than average across industries
Average HSA contribution by employee in manufacturing industry, which is only 36% of the 2016 limit