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Benefitfocus Marketplace: All Inclusive Benefits Management Platform

Seasonal employees, geographically dispersed workforce, regulatory compliance - this is only the beginning of the complexity you face when managing benefits in the retail industry. And the more that slips through the cracks, the more negative impact to your employees' satisfaction...and your bottom line. 

Benefitfocus enables you to increase administrative efficiency, manage compliance and empower employees to select the right level of coverage for their needs - all from a single, flexible platform. With the technology to turn your employee benefits data into actionable insight, you can reach optimal business results and employee satisfaction levels. 

  • Support enrollment for all types of benefits on any device, including smartphones
  • Create a simple, guided shopping experience to help employees make confident, cost-effective decisions
  • Automate data exchange across your carriers, payroll and HR systems to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhance employee engagement year-round with personalized, targeted communication
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Running a Balanced Benefits Program

"Benefitfocus has been essential in providing us the ability to communicate effectively about the increasingly sophisticated benefits that we are providing employees."

Glenn Haskell

Benefits Manager

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