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Customer Success Story | QBE

Benefits Management Technology: Finding the Right Fit

Benefits management has progressed by leaps and bounds. Look no further than paper. Thousands of sheets of paper used to weigh heavily on HR, stifling their ability to focus on anything other than manual processes. Enter technology. What was once labor intensive has now been transformed with technology at the HR leaders’ fingertips. But not every benefits management platform is created equal.

So, what happens when technology makes it harder to do your job? Michelle, lead benefits analyst at QBE, found herself in this situation. Time was being spent on troubleshooting issues, making major manual modifications and adding and changing benefit plans. Instead of easing the burden, it was adding more stress to the HR leader's busiest time of year - open enrollment. Michelle and her team put a lot of time into understanding the needs of QBE’s employees and designing a benefits package to meet those needs. The last straw came when it was clear that their benefits technology was making it harder for employees to understand their options.

QBE knew they wanted to make a change, but had the added challenge of finding a benefits software partner that integrated well with their larger human capital management (HCM) system.   

View the video above to hear from Michelle on the solutions that helped move her team leaps and bounds.