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HR Leaders

Reduce complexity and costs while empowering employees to get the most value from your benefits offering.

Simplify the entire benefits journey with a single solution backed by powerful data and superior artificial intelligence.

  • Health Insights

    Get the actionable intelligence you need to create a cost-effective benefit strategy, measure performance and improve population health.

  • Administrative Services

    Offload tedious transactions and administrative tasks so you can focus your time and attention on benefit strategy.

  • Benefit Catalog

    Expand your benefits package with a robust catalog of leading products that are pre-vetted and ready to implement, with support to optimize your strategy.

  • Communication & Engagement

    Drive year-round, high-impact employee engagement with a comprehensive suite of communication tools and services.

  • Eligibility & Enrollment

    Personalize the enrollment experience, so employees choose the right benefits for their unique needs.

  • Billing & Payments

    Simplify billing and reconciliation processes, and help ensure accurate payments with options designed to fit your needs.

  • Data Management

    Increase data accuracy, quality and timeliness through world-class data exchange with your carrier, HCM and payroll systems.

Case Studies

Learn how Benefitplace works for our customers.

  • Western Kentucky University

    • $2M health care savings in first year
    • 54% HDHP adoption rate in first year
    • 92% participation in wellness program

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  • American Eagle

    • 28% increase in HDHP adoption
    • 70% mobile app usage for enrollment
    • Increased employee engagement

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  • DSW

    • Effective associate communication
    • 70% active participation in a passive enrollment
    • Increased participation in voluntary benefits

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Bringing the Power of Community to Benefits

Benefitfocus believes in the “Power of We.” Our goal is to facilitate conversation, connection, and collaboration in the Benefitfocus Community and drive change across the entire industry.

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