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Benefitplace provides a full-service benefits management solution that goes beyond administration and enrollment with data-driven insights and personalized employee communications, enabling employers to combat rising costs and improve employee satisfaction.

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  • Health Insights

    Get the actionable intelligence you need to create a cost-effective benefit strategy, measure performance and improve population health.

  • Administrative Services

    Offload tedious transactions and administrative tasks so you can focus your time and attention on benefit strategy.

  • Benefit Catalog

    Expand your benefits package with a robust catalog of leading products that are pre-vetted and ready to implement, with support to optimize your strategy.

  • Communication & Engagement

    Drive year-round, high-impact employee engagement with a comprehensive suite of communication tools and services.

  • Eligibility & Enrollment

    Personalize the enrollment experience, so employees choose the right benefits for their unique needs.

  • Billing & Payments

    Simplify billing and reconciliation processes, and help ensure accurate payments with options designed to fit your needs.

  • Data Management

    Increase data accuracy, quality and timeliness through world-class data exchange with your carrier, HCM and payroll systems.

Find out why 150K+ employers choose our solutions and services.

Health Care Cost Control


The amount employers could save over five years.

Talent Retention


Proactive communications powered by ​Benefitsaige.

Administrative Burden Reduction


Benefit transactions ​plus 350M+ decision ​points managed through Benefitplace.​

Case Studies

Learn how Benefitplace works for our customers.

  • Western Kentucky University

    • $2M health care savings in first year
    • 54% HDHP adoption rate in first year
    • 92% participation in wellness program

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  • American Eagle

    • 28% increase in HDHP adoption
    • 70% mobile app usage for enrollment
    • Increased employee engagement

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  • Designer Brands

    • Effective associate communication
    • 70% active participation in a passive enrollment
    • Increased participation in voluntary benefits

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“Benefitfocus has really put us at the heart of their organization, and we can see it in our associates every day.”