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Care Navigation

Guide employees to high-quality care to help achieve better outcomes and lower costs. 

Benefitfocus offers built-in care navigation to help drive your employees to the top-performing doctors in their plan’s network. 

The Challenge

Low-quality, wasteful care can be a massive drain on your health plan budget, and it mostly stems from individual physician behavior. 


Added to annual per-employee benefit costs each year due to low-quality care.1 


Of employees receive an unnecessary procedure each time they seek care.1


Of low quality and wasteful care eliminated by top-performing doctors1

How Our Solution Is Different

Integrated into our BenefitplaceTM enrollment platform, our simple quality care navigation search tool uses leading data science to guide employees to doctors that are more likely to produce improved health outcomes and, in turn, lower total claim costs. 

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  • Simple employee experience Employees access care navigation directly from their Benefitplace homepage. They simply indicate what type of care they’re looking for and receive a list of top-performing, in-network doctors with upcoming availability.

  • More accurate doctor ratings Our built-in care navigation experience is powered by Garner DataPro, which analyzes more than 300 million patient records and uses over 500 clinically validated metrics—one of the largest, most accurate dataset on doctor performance available.2

  • Powerful results When employees use this care navigation tool to see a top ranked doctor, there is an opportunity to reduce overall plan costs.
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How It Works

Our care navigation solution helps walk employees through the process to select care.

Accessing the search tool directly from the Benefitplace homepage, employees simply indicate what type of care they’re looking for (e.g., back pain) and where.

Using one of the nation’s largest claims database and over 500 cost and quality metrics, Garner DataProTM identifies top-performing, in-network doctors for the type of care being sought.

Employees get a personalized list of top-performing, in-network doctors with upcoming availability, plus access to quality score details and patient reviews.

Search results can also integrate and highlight any relevant digital health care point solutions you have in place, helping to drive engagement in those programs.

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1 Statistics come from a combination of data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, CMS and Garner Health analysis of medical claims nationally during 2015-2021 plan years., 2 Garner DataProTM is a provider search platform that serves referrals based on one of the most detailed and accurate provider performance and directory data in the industry. 

The care navigation program is not intended to create a fiduciary relationship between a Benefitfocus client and Benefitfocus, its subcontractors, or its partners. As a requirement in making such services available to its employees, Benefitfocus clients shall not mandate participants in any client-sponsored benefit plan to use the services. Neither Benefitfocus, its subcontractors, or its partners are authorized to provide any medical or professional services or advice requiring professional licensure. Benefitfocus only provides certain data via the services as a decision support tool, and nothing within the integrated care program is intended to or does provide or replace medical advice from a properly licensed healthcare provider.