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Health Care Data Analytics

Optimize your benefit strategy with data

Health Insights from Benefitfocus unlocks the power of your health care data analytics to help your organization control costs and improve health outcomes. 

The Challenge

Many organizations today are spending more on benefits but getting less in return.

Rising Costs & Talent Wars

Pressure to control spending while maintaining quality benefits for attraction and retention

Complex Plan Design

Growing number of health care and benefit programs for employers to manage and track

Poor Benefits Utilization

Many employees are unable to understand everything available to them and how to take advantage

How Our Solution Is Different

A thoughtful combination of health care data analytics, technology and expertise gives you and your partners a powerful solution to help optimize the impact and ROI of your benefit strategy.

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  • Answers for everyone Whether you’re looking for a quick snapshot to provide an executive update or an in-depth analysis to share with your benefits advisor, our simple user experience and extensive customization options help you find the answers you need.

  • Actionable insights Through data visualization, Health Insights makes it easier to understand the metrics that matter, evaluate performance and identify areas in your benefit strategy where you may want to take action.

  • Data flexibility We’ve spent over two decades successfully aggregating disparate data and making it useful to our clients. Whatever data you want to bring in – from worker’s comp claims to member biometrics – we’ve got you covered with high levels of data integrity.


  • Expert support With an average of 13+ years’ experience working with health care data, our dedicated client success team members work as consultative partners to help you maximize the value of Health Insights and achieve your goals.

  • Innovative services In addition to providing insights and guidance to help you make strategic decisions, we can also use the data in Health Insights to proactively take cost-saving measures on your behalf – such as identifying and working to recover plan overpayments.

  • Analytics & engagement When combined with Benefitfocus’ enrollment and communication tools, Health Insights offers a powerful way for you to personalize the benefits experience for employees and help guide them to smarter, more impactful plan selection and utilization decisions.

health insighs

Health Care Data Analytics Brochure

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Our health care data analytics solution has helped our clients achieve significant savings across a range of benefit program areas. The following are sample results: 

  • $1.5M saved 

    (and approx. $85M avoided) in one year by a state government through analysis of Rx claims that identified wasteful spending. 

  • $2M saved 

    in one year by a university through shift in medical plan adoption driven by claims data-based employee decision support. 

  • $1M saved 

    in one year by a manufacturer through reduction in ER use by targeting certain conditions identified in data analysis. 

  • When you think about health care costs and saving money, you really have to dig into the data to find areas for improvement. The analytics in [Health Insights] are great for this. Health care is confusing, so if you’ve got something like this that makes it easy, use it.

    Sr. Director of Benefits, Large Public University
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Key Capabilities

  • Standard dashboard: Access out-of-the-box reports to get quick answers to the most common questions.
  • Custom reporting: Slice and dice your data for custom, in-depth analysis to support specific initiatives.
  • Benchmarking: Evaluate how your plans and programs are performing against key national indexes.
  • Care management: Understand gaps in care to help improve preventive health utilization and chronic condition management.
  • Member populations: Segment and track specific populations to measure outcomes over time.
  • Claims Audit & Recovery Services: We’ll identify improperly paid claims and work to recover overpayments on your behalf. Learn more
  • Benefits Decision Support: Give employees access to tools that help them understand their utilization and coverage needs. Learn more

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