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Customer Success Story | Snohomish County

Driving Efficiency and Innovation in Benefits Technology Partnership

When you invest in benefits technology, the expectation is that it will alleviate administrative burden, providing more efficiency and time back in your day. That’s the baseline.

But, just like anything, the devil is in the details. How a technology vendor goes about providing that efficiency says a lot about them and whether they get the small details right to make a big impact.

For Snohomish County Public Utility District, an electric utility company servicing the county of Snohomish, WA, they found a partner in Benefitfocus that pays attention to those details.

Through the One Place 365 customer engagement portal, Snohomish has access to a central hub to save them time and provide a greater level of administrative efficiency. One Place 365 enables Snohomish to communicate with their support team, gain visibility into enrollment data transfers, and exchange ideas with Benefitfocus and their peers—all in one place.

Snohomish County’s Employee Resources Consultant Dana Pollow shared that one of her favorite aspects of One Place 365 is the Idea Community, an online forum enabling customers to influence future product development with functionality they recommend and vote on.

“A couple of my ideas that I posted on the Idea Community have been turned into product development,” said Dana. “It’s amazing that Benefitfocus looks at those ideas and makes changes out of them. I don’t know of any other vendor that I’ve heard of that does that.”

When our community comes together, we drive powerful change. Watch the video above to hear more from Snohomish and how Benefitfocus partners with our community to listen, learn and innovate.